What do you check when buying school bags for kids?

We think buying the school backpacks is a simple task and we hardly pay any attention as a result. If you are going to select your school backpacks carelessly you will regret down the line when your kids are not happy with the backpacks you bought for them. What are the key factors to check when you are buying the school bags for your kids?

Most parents limit their focus to just to the cost and everything else takes the back seat. This should change and you should pay attention to the other factors and only after establishing that all the other factors are in place you should look at the cost. This does not mean that you should spend exorbitant prices for the school backpacks. You should compare the prices but price comparison should come at the end. Do not start the screening process with price comparison.

Your kids will need backpacks that are appropriate for their age and their grade. Now when you are interested in ordering the wholesale backpacks check whether the backpacks you are ordering will suit them. There is no point rushing to order without taking the size factor into account and then later regretting. You will only unnecessarily complicate the process with returns and exchanges.

The next important factor to be taken into account is the backpack material. Do not go for flimsy material. Often people are lured by the fancy look these flimsy materials have and only to regret later when the back packs do not last even for a few months. Select some durable material given the fact that the backpacks have to withstand the daily wear and tear.

How many compartments do the backpacks have? Find backpacks with adequate number of compartments because it will make it easy for your kids to arrange the books and other things easily in the backpack.

Some of the bulk backpacks stores make the process highly cost effective by offering free shipping for orders over a certain value. When you are comparing the costs you should also take the shipping costs in to account.

Is the backpack stitched using industrial grade thread? If you want the backpacks to last long then it should be stitched using industrial grade thread for longer durability. The zippers should be made of heavy grade material. This is one of the most frequently used mechanisms of the backpack. The zippers should last for a long time or else you will not be able to use your backpack once the zippers are damaged.

Are the shoulder straps long enough and do they come with adjustable buckle? The shoulder strap should also be well padded. Look for backpacks with chest strap and hip strap. These additional straps will help in distributing the weight evenly on the torso. The entire backpack should be ergonomically designed. It is up to you to screen all these factors and not blindly select the backpacks based on the cost.