What are the Functions of a Court Reporter?

A court reporter, a.k.a. a clerk or verbatim reporter is charged with recording and preparing a total, word-for-word account of judicial procedures or various other occasions where a comprehensive record is required.

Court reporters use their knowledge and rate of stenography to remove verbatim notes or use the most up to date transcription software to develop a complete and grammatically correct record for future reference.

Stenography is additionally referred to as shorthand. This is a symbolic method of taping speech, wherein you can primarily record entire words and phrases using a handful of icons. Do not worry! You will not be attempting to compose whatever down word for word in plain English utilizing a pen. Nevertheless, your handwriting would be all over the place, and you’d get through your reasonable share of biros.

You additionally will not be typing utilizing a common computer system key-board or typewriter. You would set the secrets on fire for sure! Certainly, you can put away your copy of “Mavis Beacon Typing!” Nevertheless, in order to make it as a court reporter, you will require to be trained in how to utilize a specialized piece of the set, called a “stenotype” or shorthand maker.


Court reporters based in London, as well as other big cities, are normally paid higher incomes, in between ₤18,000 and ₤28,000, while people based in other places can make salaries in the series of ₤12,000 as well as ₤20,000 per annum.

Experienced court reporters can make incomes in between ₤25,000 as well as ₤50,000. Nevertheless, the quantity is normally based upon your amount of job experience, your degree of experience as well as your reputation within judicial circles.


Court reporters comply with the same nine-to-five timetables as court procedures. Nevertheless, in cases where documents are called for an emergency basis, reporters may require to place in extra hours. They are generally paid well for these durations of overtime though!