4 Factors in Choosing Career Coaching Professionals in Singapore

A good team coaching program will challenge your attitudes, beliefs, and perspective, hold you accountable for your actions and goals, and push you to the point of growth and possibly transformation. However, a coach cannot force you to do anything or work for you; you must be committed to the process and the goals you establish.

Employ the same vigilance in your search for a coach as you would when searching for a job. Consider the following elements when selecting career coaching professionals in  Singapore.

1. One with experience and education.

Instead of asking about the number of years they have been coaching (they may have coached for 15 years but only worked with 50 clients during that time), inquire about the number of hours they have spent coaching individuals. Generally speaking, 10,000 hours are required to reach a level of mastery. Inquire about their team coaching certifications in Singapore, as these can help distinguish those with formal training from those who rely solely on business experience.

2. Has demonstrated “practise what you preach”.

Look for career counselling coaches in Singapore who have experienced a situation similar to yours, such as a career transition, launching a business, returning to school, etc. Working with someone who can synthesise what they have learned from their own experiences and share that knowledge with you is beneficial.

3. Background in psychology.

Consider working with career counselling coaches in Singapore with a background in psychology if you’re struggling with more issues, such as depression or anxiety. You will make much more progress toward your career and life goals by addressing these fundamental obstacles.

4. Look for compatibility.

Is your coach approachable, kind, and discerning? Career counselling in Singapore involves being challenged and supported, which necessitates a high level of trust. A coach should reflect what you say and serve as a sounding board.

You may find that you respond better to certain communication styles than others, depending on factors such as your desire for challenge.

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