Tips for Selecting the Perfect Male Strippers and Topless Waiters

The demand fortopless waiters and male strippersfor hen’s parties or similar events has been rapidly growing in Melbourne. It’s seen as a great way for women to party together in privatewhile spicing it upwith sexy hunks serving the food and drinks and hosting party games!

Due to this popularity, many agencies in Melbourne now offer topless waiters and stripper services, and evensexy bodyguards for alively girls’ night out.A good event organizer wants her guests to have fun, and this hinges on the entertainment, thereforeit’simportant to sort the superior from the mediocre to find the best service available.

So here are few tips ladies, to help you source the best boys and make it a memorable night!

Eye Candy

Your guests will want to seegood looking males with well-toned bodies, so priority one is to get a preview of the cast.A muscular man with a bright smile and a cheeky personality is always a hit -every girl loves a guy who looks hot and lights up the party!

Good Movers

Undoubtedly, a male stripper will be asked to dance at the party. Dancing is an essential part of stripping, buteven if he’s a hunk, girls don’t want a guy who can’t move well while he’s casting off his clothes. A good male stripper must know how to dance, tease and tantalise!

Confidence isKey

The primary purpose of male strippers and topless waiters is to entertain the guests and make the party memorable.This role requires a sense of confidence and flamboyance,delivered by performers self- assured enoughto show off their physiques and allow others toadmire theirattributes!

Professional Entertainers

A great party is all aboutthe entertainment, soyou want to hire people who enjoy their work and will join in the fun. From dancing and stripping, to serving the food and drink, your star attraction must use his charm to engage and grab the attention of everyone in the room.

Evaluate the services on offer and check out the websites – you can get a good idea of the standard provided just by looking at photos. Regardless of your guests’ ages, they shouldallenjoy themselves if you are selective. Remember, you want your party to be classy, not sleazy!