A peaceful mind resides in a beautiful home

Everyone wants their home to look beautiful. You do not want to live in a place that is ugly, dirty or smelly. It might give you depression. Your surroundings have a mental effect on your health as well. That’s why you must build yourself a home that would make you feel cheerful and peaceful. If you have a family, it is your duty to provide them amicable surroundings. 

How to make your home beautiful

You have three choices on how to make your house beautiful:

  • You can build a new house.
  • You can buy a house, break it and reconstruct it.
  • You can opt for interior design services[jasa desain interior, which is the term in Indonesian].

Which option is better and why?

Build your own house is great, if you have the required budget for it. Similarly reconstruction cost is almost equal to building a new house. That’s why interior decoration is the best possible option for you. 

It is a low cost and you have to do it in all the three situations either way. So instead of spending so much money on a new house or reconstruction, you can just work on the interiors of your new house.

Design your house your own way

There is just one drawback that you cannot do much about the exterior structure but you can still cover it up with the choice of different paints. 

You can choose the paint color you want on the walls of every room. Research a little about what color fits for kids, what color fits for adults and so on. Also make sure that the paint color matches the theme you are about to design. Suppose you want to hang a picture of a person surfing with waves then the light blue color is ideal for the wall.

Consult an interior designer to find the perfect match for your walls and to learn about different themes.