Comprehensive Guide To Selecting The Right Bakery Equipment

Launching your own bakery business will not only bring you happiness since you will be able to market your delicious treats, but it will also make a good number of people happy who love sweets. Whether you’re opening a bakery specialising in cakes, pies, or even doughnuts, you’ll need kitchen supplies to make preparing each treat as simple as pie.

Almost every bakery will have to invest and spend on specific pieces of bakery equipment. If you are confused about what to purchase, then below is a checklist to guide you.

Buying The Necessary Bakery Equipment

1. Commercial Oven

Your bakery kitchen’s commercial oven will most likely be the centrepiece. It must be a dependable machine that can withstand continuous use while distributing heat evenly and consistently.

There are many different commercial ovens for sale, so don’t make a hasty decision. The quality of your baked goods will be affected by the commercial oven you use. They’re also huge appliances that will take up significant space in the kitchen. In addition, a commercial oven can affect the overall finish of your product, including the flavour and texture.

2. Dough Sheeters

Money is valuable when it comes to running any business. Hence, the more product you can generate per day, the more you can sell, and the more revenue you’ll have at the end of each working day. Thus, automating as many time-consuming repetitive and manual operations as possible makes sense.

A commercial dough sheeter can help with this. Hereunder are some of the advantages that a commercial dough sheeter can provide for your bakery business:

  • It eliminates all of the time and work involved in manually rolling dough.
  • You can also form stacked doughs with a commercial dough sheeter, often used to produce puff pastry.
  • Some dough sheeters may also create fondant, which comes in handy if you work in the cake industry.
  • It allows you to save a lot of time, effort, and labour.
  • It will assist you in achieving uniform dough size and consistency without having to exert too much effort on the process.

3. Bread Proofer And Food Warmers

An excellent industrial bread proofing display case is an essential part of any bakery’s layout. This is when bread proofing cabinets come in handy. These cabinets can keep the ideal warm and humid atmosphere for the dough to rise to its full potential.

Most bread proofers come in many sizes and heat levels to accommodate a variety of dough varieties. They are also available in under-counter and full-height versions. Remember that some cabinets are intended exclusively for sheet pans. Hence, you must pay close attention to the internal framework to ensure that your proofing pans or trays comfortably fit there.

Aside from an oven, another centrepiece for your bakery business would be food warmers. The temperature of food has an impact on its quality. A food warmer is an incredible kitchen equipment that will keep your products at the correct temperature levels for a more extended period. A food warmer can help prevent your products from spoiling.

4. Spiral Mixer And Soft Serve Machine

In a bakery facility, a professional spiral mixer is yet another great convenience for your team. It’s a must-have for bigger businesses since it aids in the development of optimal gluten structure in your dough while sparing you additional work and resources.

Most spiral mixers have a moving spiral hook that works with a rotating bowl to simulate rolling and hand kneading. Spiral mixers are built explicitly for mixing dough, and they also have a smoother motion than less specialised mixing devices.

Bear in mind that most spiral mixers are not equipped with additional interchangeable components. A spiral mixer, like other good commercial baking equipment, will help you boost your manufacturing capacity. However, you must guarantee that the remainder of your kitchen set-up can handle the increase in volume.

In terms of soft serve machines, you can purchase one, especially if you opt to sell your client with your ice cream specialities. Adding a soft serve machine to your bakery or fast food items will almost certainly generate revenue. You may open your ice cream parlour or add it to your bakery shop with the help of a convenient soft serve machine.

5. Bakery Racks And Tables

Although baker’s racks, shelves, and tables are not as fancy as the other major bakery equipment mentioned in this article, they are necessary to run all large and small bakeries.

Stainless steel baker’s workstations are easy to maintain and provide a clean surface for dough processing. If you want to preserve some versatility in the arrangement of your bakery facility, opt for heavy-duty construction that will hold up to everyday use. It is also best to resort to tables with movable castor wheels.

6. Commercial Fridge

You’ll probably need a commercial display fridge for your retail shop in addition to the standard refrigerators in your bakery facility. Look for a showcase refrigerator that is practical, functional, and eye-catching.

Bench-top exhibition fridges, for example, are ideal for showcasing impulse purchases at the point of sale. At the same time, bigger free-standing glass shelves can serve as a helpful countertop in your storefront.

Another must-have is a specialised drink fridge. All of your display fridges should have sufficient interior illumination and be easily accessible for your workers or customers.


Taking Care Of Your Kitchen Supplies

Your bakery equipment and kitchen supplies are the ones that keep your bakery business running and thriving on its production processes. When it gets damaged, it disrupts operations and may result in a loss of sales. Make bakery maintenance checks a top priority to avoid potential malfunctions.

Here are five tips for keeping your bakery’s kitchen supplies in good working order:

  1. Maintain A Regular Cleaning Routine
  2. Keep It Clean With The Right Products
  3. Carry Out Routine Maintenance With Technicians
  4. Always Store The Necessary Spare Parts
  5. Read, Follow And Implement The Manufacturer’s Instructions


Choosing your baking equipment is a critical step. You’ll need equipment that allows you to make your product regardless of its style or size. Consider purchasing equipment that will last as your bakery expands or adds new items.

Call Simplex Pte Ltd today to invest in baking equipment that delivers value and optimum functionality. With an extensive choice of items ranging from ovens, storage, mixers, and more, you can be confident that the bakery equipment you buy will provide you with years of dependable service.