5 Telltale Signs That You Need To Renovate Your Bathroom

If there is a single area in the house that could make or break the comfort of living and even staying in the house, it is the bathroom. This tiny space is so essential for everyone that the bathroom matters more than the bed or other amenities in the room when choosing a hotel suite. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom does not have a high tech toilet bowl in Singapore; as long as it has a water supply, a working toilet bowl and ahandshower, the hotel stay can be considered comfortable.

If hotel bathrooms matter, how much more is your personal shower room? Bathrooms can impress or put off guests. But how will you know if your toilet may unpleasantly surprise your visitor? Continue reading this article to know the signs that you need a bathroom renovation.

How To Tell If You Already Need A Bathroom Renovation

Plumbing Fixture Problems

When we have plumbing problems, be it a leaky shower or slow drains, we call a plumber to fix the issue– a targeted repair. It never occurs to us to have a massive bathroom overhaul. Not only does a bathroom renovation fix a single plumbing issue but also replace bathroom fixtures that will eventually break soon as well.

Apart from looking for a sensor faucet to replace your old and leaky faucet, you can also contact a plumbing service to replace your deteriorating shower and faucet pipes and clogged sinks and drains.

The common plumbing fixture problems are leaky pipes, faucet, andhandshower, clogged shower and sink drains, and sewer smell in the bathroom. Skyrocketing water bills is also a sign that you have a massive plumbing problem.

Deteriorating Interior

Guests appreciate bathroom interiors. As people say, the bathroom reflects the personality of the homeowner. If the bath has a sleek appearance, the homeowner is most likely an organised person in real life.

How will you know if your bathroom interior is slowly deteriorating? Moulds and mildew that cannot be scrubbed off even with the strongest cleaning agent are already warning signs. Loose and stained tiles and missing grout in between mean you need new tile work. Peeling paint is an obvious sign as well.

Choose anti-slip or grip tiles and matchingwash basins in Singapore to complete the theme of your bath.

Dysfunctional Layout

There are several factors why your bathroom layout does not match your needs.

The first factor is outdated. If you purchase a second-hand home and the previous owners did not bother to renovate it, the bathroom layout must be outdated already. Is it a bad thing to have an outdated layout?

If you are the type of person who values aesthetics, the old layout may not match the current interior design trend. Secondly, old bathrooms still use equipment that is highly wasteful of resources. For example, the latest models of showerheads and a sensor faucet today are eco-friendly in the way that they reduce water consumption. Ahigh tech toilet bowl in Singaporealso uses less water than an ordinary toilet bowl.

The second factor is lifestyle. If you are living with your family, a wider bathroom with enough storage space is ideal. If the layout is too cramped and there is not enough space, you need to rethink the blueprint of your bath.

Poor Lighting

Lighting adds to the overall mood in your bathroom. You cannot relax while bathing if the light is too dim. It should not be too blinding as well.

On top of that, people also do their makeup in front of their vanity. Putting on makeup can be difficult in a place with poor lighting.

Take advantage of natural light by installing windows. Natural light and proper air circulation and ventilation also neutralise the humidity level inside your bathroom, which also helps protect your wooden storage and cabinet in the bath.

Somewash basins and mirrors in Singaporeare suitable for backlighting and mood lighting.

Selling Your Home

Renovating any parts of the house, from balcony to bathroom, increases the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your house soon, the best way to sell it at a higher price is to renovate.

Installing technology and high-tech essentials, such as a high tech toilet bowl in Singapore or a sensor faucet, also drives the price up.

Renovation is also a perfect time to repair the structure and fixture problems that drag the price.

Did your bathroom hit all the five signs? Then it is time to remodel your bath! After the renovation, the next thing you need to worry about is selecting the right bathroom accessories and essentials.


Factors To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Accessories


It is easy to get lost when purchasing bathroom accessories, such as ahandshowerand a sensor faucet. Bathroom accessories are not cheap, either, so it is better to plan your budget before heading to the market.


We all want to have a jacuzzi in our baths; however, do we really need it? When choosing bathroom accessories, it is better to prioritise those that are necessary, like toilet bowls.


Now that you have sorted out all necessary bathroom accessories, the question is, will they fit in your bath? Can two wash basins in Singapore fit in your bathroom, or does one will do fine? You cannot fully relax in a cramped bathroom.


If we are living with an elderly or someone with special needs or physically challenged, we must consider the functionality of our bathroom accessories. Do they cater to the special needs of everyone in the home?

Quality and Warranty

It is better to invest in high-quality bathroom accessories as they last longer. Be careful with imitations. Fake bathroom accessories are not warranty-covered.


People always take their time when they are taking a bath. Who doesn’t? Taking a bath is very therapeutic and relaxing, especially if you have a clean and organised bath. It doesn’t have to be as elegant as a hotel suite’s showers. It only needs to be comfortable.


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