Some Unique Ideas For Creating An Outdoor Living Space

With favourable weather serving as the backdrop, the pull of the outdoors is difficult to ignore. Having a pretty corner of your garden all decked up to pander to your need for spending time with nature, is probably the best thing that can happen to a beautiful home. The more unique the setting, the more it appeals to your sense of beauty and freedom; of being able to find your almost secret niche far from the hustle and bustle of a busy household.

Some ideas that can make this space unique are:

  • Be bold be colourful: The outdoors is generally a beautiful blend of different shades of green and the brown of the earth. When flowers bloom they break this monotony and add a myriad of colours making the gardens seem even more beautiful. Following the same logic, the use of bold colours when choosing furniture and other accessories can add just the right mix of excitement, playfulness and whimsical fun.
  • Use dramatic lighting: Spending time out in that cosy corner of the outdoor garden especially on a cool summer evening can make for a very pleasant episode. Enhance the effect by using dramatic lighting which in turn, will serve two purposes:
    • Make it safer for people by preventing them from tripping and falling in the dark and
    • Add a mystic glow to an already romantic corner.

It has been generally seen that upward-facing lights tend to light up the furniture and other objects present which downward-facing lights give the space a soft welcoming glow. Hence both should be strategically used to serve practical as well as aesthetic purpose especially if it is the Surrey Hills Garden Buildings.

  • Bring serenity to the space: Place a water feature like a small fountain or a cascading waterfall or even a Koi pond to impart a sense of peace and calm to the space. They will also make the place seem cooler and more pleasant to spend time in. A small Koi pond makes for a mesmerizing addition to the whole set-up but it should only be used in places with mild climates. Harsh winters would make the pond freeze and the fishes would then all die.
  • Accessorize: The natural can be imparted additional beauty by the subtle placement of flowering plants with favourable scents. The natural fragrances of herbs like sage, lavender, rosemary etc., help to calm tired and frayed nerves after a particularly tiring day and leave the person with a sense of well-being. The addition of a fire pit also helps provide pleasant warmth on mildly cold evenings. The presence of all the earth elements of air, fire and water helps maintain the energy balance thereby making the space a haven of tranquillity.
  • Centralize your furniture placement: If you have an outdoor space designed it is so that you can spend time with family and friends. So it is very important that the placement of furniture be such that people are able to see each other and talk. Thus having a round table with the chairs placed all around makes people feel good while at the same time imparts a feeling of closeness which makes them feel comfortable and secure.

It is, however, necessary to add a word of caution here. Since the furniture and accessories bought are kept out in the open even during the winter months, chances of them developing damp and mildew are very high. So in order to prevent this, you must either opt for outdoor products which are weatherproof like metal furniture, properly waterproofed wood etc. or make sure that you are able to store these outdoor elements inside your storeroom to tide over the unfavourable months.

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