Preparing for a Competitive Test? Here’s Why Time Table Is A Must

Time and again we see an umpteen number of portals suggesting exam takers devise a study planner or a timetable, but why exactly? What is a timetable and how does it help me in my preparation for a competitive exam? With this post, one thoroughly understands why a timetable is an absolute necessity, especially for an upcoming competitive test. 

What is a timetable?

It is a systematic approach to schedule and organize in the perfect manner so as to utilize your time effectively and most efficiently. 

As time is the most important aspect in the academic life of a student, time management skills are efficiently taken care of by these planned schedules. You can manage to get the arrangement of course material, notes or even tutors, however, a time table can only be planned by you. You are the best person to schedule your study planner by taking into consideration your convenient time slots, distribution of activity, preferred subjects and other such criteria.

Come to think of the country’s biggest medical entrance test, NEET 2022, its preparation with a functional timetable is outrightly inevitable.  

Why Time Table a Must for Competitive Tests?

Now that we know what a timetable is, we shall move to understand the importance of a timetable for competitive tests. Let us break down each point and understand its significance in detail. 

Merits of following a time table  

  1. Great Tool To Check Punctuality and Efficiency 

Timetables are an effective way to keep a check on our study routines. Such schedules typically are written records of considered decisions constituted as per allocation of time to tasks. It serves as an aide-memoire to perform essential activities. The likelihood of getting an unpleasant task done is higher within a customized timetable in place. 

  1. Accountability

Following a timetable can keep you accountable as you tend to pre commit to the set deadlines. It is the nature of deadlines to generate pressure causing us to start working. On the other hand, it also helps to follow up on the syllabus covered, consequently future course of action takes shape.

  1. Provides a sense of security

The haphazard method of randomly skimming to textbooks picking a topic to study from the index will not assure that you are well-prepared just before the exams. This is where the magic of a timetable comes into play. The big question of what, when, and how is answered through pre-planning. The most interesting part being its customizations. As per one’s strengths and weaknesses, alterations can be made at any point. 

  1. Increases productivity

By sorting out your time early on, focus for effective studying can be achieved. Additionally, it reduces mounting pressure and the unnecessary cramming that force-feeds your mind with all the information while all it wants is a sound sleep. 

To conclude, organizing your learning by chalking out an effective study planner provides a sense of assurity, hence standing a better chance at succeeding. You may inculcate these points in your NEET preparation timetable and fuel your preparation. Hope you found this article useful and productive. 

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