WAKATOBI : The Facts of 4 Main Islands

WA stands for Wangi Wangi, KA stands for Kaledupa, TO stands for Tomia, and BI stands for Binongko, and what exactly do you get whenever you place all of the names of the islands collectively? The best tropics paradise that is located in the core of the planet’s precious Coral Triangle, this is WAKATOBI!


No matter if you are a skilled diver, occasional snorkeler, or even just a laid-back traveler, the experience of Wakatobi starts here. Seeing the sunrise majestically on the horizon while the dolphins swim and leap around your boat couldn’t far better start to your venture. You might rent a boat in the Sombu or Mola Harbor that will take you around Kapota Cape to see these unique attractions.

This close encounter with playful sea animals in their own habitat is one of a kind feeling. On this dolphin watching the experience, you’ll also see a different collaboration between sailors and dolphin artisans who use kites to catch the lettuce. The anglers detect in which the dolphins are swimming and visit their areas because they understand that is precisely where dolphins feed lettuce.


Encompassed by mangrove forests and palm trees, the island of Kaledupa boasts a quiet and much more serene setting when compared to the other islands. The perfect tranquility is primarily felt in the neighboring Hoga Island, which is the Center for Science and research conducted by Operation Wallacea.

With crystal clear water, pristine soft white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and nothing, even though the noise of the waves racing into the beach, this is the best as it gets with regards to a perfect escape.


The 3rd island of Wakatobi, Tomia has been a renowned dive site for at least ten years. With over 40 dive sites which were named and merged with easy accessibility to the majority of these, the island of Tomia has established its title among sailors worldwide. One of the many, Roma’s Reef is essential among veteran sailors because it is a strong yet beautiful site.

Almost resembling a considerable town, Roma’s reef is extremely busy with lively underwater life. Here, you can find colleges of Giant Trevallies, sea snakes coming up from the seafloor, turtles gliding majestically, as well as a few vibrant bass dances, one of the soft corals.


In Binongko, you’ll discover the warm hospitality and friendliness of the regional people. A beautiful traditional welcoming dance is carried out utilizing a set of young women accompanied by conventional gambas music when a couple of tourists visit the island. Binongko is the island in which one can locate these skilled blacksmiths. Here you can see the steel is forged, shaped, and sharpened using traditional methods that were passed down generations. Some consider the knives and machetes made in Binongko to be the very best in Indonesia. Off its shores, Binongko also provides exceptional diving and snorkeling experiences with a lot of glorious underwater splendors to relish.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Wakatobi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.