Living Well with Disability – The Victory LX Sports 

The principle underlying to the fact that, with good health, individuals with disabilities have the strength and freedom to work, learn and engage actively in their families and communities. Health and wellness aren’t the same thing; they are bigger concepts that directly affect the quality of an individual’s life experience. Researches have shown that person with disabilities can lead a both healthy and well life. And good health is rewarding since it opens the door to education and employment for persons with disabilities, just as it does for normal people. 

Challenging the impressions about persons with disabilities and elevating the importance of their overall health and wellness in the public realizations- are the crucial steps that can help improve the health status of persons with disabilities. Again, with changing our attitude toward a disabled person, we can help people realize and address the difficulties thatundermine the ability of persons with disabilities toremain full participants in community life.

The reality is that with accommodations and supports, right equipment, ample access to health care, engagement in physical and mental wellness activities and the encouragement comes from friends and families, persons with disabilities canand doleadproductive and healthy lives. To provide them access to right equipment, we have picked a mobility device that will aid in easy maneuverability. 

The Victory LX Sports

One of the highly recommended outdoor mobility scooters, Victory LX Sports , a well-appointed outdoor scooter that is all set and ready to go. With the top speed counted 8 MPH, you’ll enjoy tooling around on this mobility scooter. The high-back seat has memory foam inserts, which add to the level of convenience on long rides. Moreover,the seatswivels and slides forward and back to allow you adjust it to your most favorable position. For additional safety when driving after dark, the device comes equipped with LED lightingand turn signals. 

Making Life Easier and Stress Free 

While in addition to traveling at 8MPH, the Victory LX Sport has a wider stance than other scooters in this class. This feature comes as an extra addition to this range which gives it more stability and letting you travel safely and with confidence.The front and rear CTS, Comfort-Trac Suspension, handles the bumps for a smooth ride. Apart from the comfortable delta tiller, one can have an easy grip tiller angle adjustment knob, front light, a charging port,and a puddle light under the steering section for better visibility of the floor area of the scooter.  50 AH batteries powered this device are standard and are rated for up to 19.7 miles per charge. 

The Victory line from Affordable Medical Equipment  has long been preferred for its reliability and popularity with our customers. The latest improvement to this device, Victory LX Support, stick to this tradition. The complete suspension system plus a full lighting package- includingdirectional lights and comfortable captain’s seat will give you a better riding experience wherever you go.  The Victory LX Sport is designed exclusively for the outdoors whether through the grass or on a paved path.


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