How to save money when buying kids school bags?

As the back to school season approaches all the parents wonder how to save money on the kids school bags. Even if the backpacks are in usable condition their kids demand new backpacks and just to please their kids parents go ahead to buy new school bags. The cost of backpacks is increasing year after year and this could make things challenging for the parents. What can you really do to save money on kids school bags?

Where do you normally go to buy your school bags? Do you drive to a local store to order the school bags or do you order it online from a retail store? You are likely to be doing one of these things. Are these two approaches the best ways to save money when buying kids school bags? May be not! There are other interesting ways to save money on the backpacks for kids.

Try to find an online wholesale backpacks store and enquire the prices. You will need to meet the minimum order quantity requirements if you are ordering from a wholesaler. Do not worry about it for now, just check the prices and if you do, you are very likely to be surprised. Yes, your backpack will not cost you more than $2.75 or $3 and that is killer savings right? When did you find a backpack for $3 online? This brings you straight away 90% savings. You are therefore going to have excellent savings and the best part is that you are not compromising the quality of your kids backpacks in any way. You will be able to find exceptional quality backpacks at this price.

Order one full case of backpacks so that you could access the wholesale prices. If you notice even if you are ordering a full case of backpacks with is likely to contain 24 backpacks it would cost you not more than $72/- and you will be able to do so many things with the surplus backpacks. Many parents go ahead to resell them after keeping a few for them and for their family. You will be able to make a lot of money selling the backpacks. It is such an easy way to make money during the back to school season. It will certainly not hurt to have some extra cash coming your way during one of the most expensive months of the year. So do not hesitate to take advantage of this approach. You will be able to not only save money but also make money. It is lot easier and faster to save money this way rather than going around to different online retail stores trying to find the lowest deals. Even the lowest of the lowest deals will not be able to match the wholesale prices because the retailers are buying from the same bulk backpacks stores at the same price you would be getting. Why wait then now that you know how to save money on your backpacks?