Korean Cuisine Contains Traditional Ingredients from Land and Sea That Create Flavors

Seoul city is based along the river Han and is South Korea’s capital city. The city is a combination of ancient traditional and latest technology. If people love eating bibimbap and kimchee, then they also love hamburgers and pizzas. There are many ancient monuments along with parks and skyscrapers to view. However, the main attraction is the food street that is full of flavors.

Korean cuisine consists of special ingredients from land and sea. Traditional food contains majorly garlic, bean paste red pepper, soy sauce, perilla oil, sesame, ginger and onions. Fermented kimchee is essential with every main dish. Food Tours Seoul gives you the benefit of not only knowing about the various dishes, but it also provides you the privilege of knowing some of the traditions that Koreans follow –

  • Not all restaurants will provide all dishes. Every restaurant specializes in some kind of cuisine. For example, restaurant serving Ginseng chicken will never serve tteokbokki.
  • Generally, in restaurants water is served on the table, but places where it is self-service, you will have to get up and take water from the table at the corner. Sometimes, even side dishes are kept in huge containers at the corner for you to help yourself.
  • While ordering food, always check the number of side dishes provided, because there can be instances where side dishes are good number and quantity and your main dish can become excess.
  • Local eateries are quite noisy, but most restaurants provide call button. In case there isn’t any, then you can always call out someone loudly.

Apart from bibimbap, tteokbokki, kimchee, ramen, here are some main dishes commonly found among locals –

  • Gejang is marinated raw blue crab in soy sauce along with chili peppers, ginger, garlic and onion. Since it is spicy, thus it is served with plain boiled rice.
  • Soondae is cow or pig’s intestine that stuffed like sausage with ingredients like pork blood, noodles, seafood, or barley. It is famous street food which is chewy outside, but soft inside.

There are many things to try along the street. Chicken and beer are their favorite combination which is enjoyed only when they are in good mood. No matter how big fan you are of EXO or BTS K-pops, if you don’t know their language or culture there is nothing you can enjoy.