Improve your strategic thinking with games on LeagueX & GetMega app

Out of the entire world population, an estimated 1 Billion are online gamers. The numbers are predicted to surpass 1.3 Billion by 2025. As per research, gaming has more to contribute than mere entertainment. Action equipped real-time strategy video games which require sensorimotor skills, strategic planning and teamwork demand undivided attention from the human brain. Thus improving their strategic thought process with time. At present, there are a variety of online websites and applications offering a host of gaming setups to dive into, making it easier for gamers to get their cognitive thinking sharpened up on the go. Out of all the online platforms available, let’s take into consideration LeagueX and GetMega app. We are going to decipher more about the games available on these platforms and their contribution towards shaping up the strategic thought process of the human mind.  

LeagueX & GetMega app

With a clear user interface and easy to navigate in-game settings both LeagueX and GetMega app stands out from the rest. While they are different from each other in terms of inbuilt gaming framework, when it comes to using the platform, strategic thinking is what matters the most on either of them. So, without further ado, let’s get into more details.


LeagueX is a fancy cricket sporting site with a user-friendly interface, enabling players to indulge in an impressive experience while playing. The gaming framework followed by LeagueX is compatible with a variety of platforms making it a go-to option among many. Also, stringent security measures are adopted by the same backed up by super protective encryption technology and trusted financial partners. 

Within LegueX, players get to show off their knowledge related to sports and move forward to predict wins. Here, gamers get to build teams that are solely based on live matches, with a total budget of 1000 credits. The main criteria behind constructing a team of 11 players depend on the cricket and player level expertise, commanded by individual gamers. Also, gamers get to chat with their rivals, learn more about strategic moves and make meaningful friends on the go. Further, LeagueX also helps users make last-minute alterations as per convenience, here the gamers are allowed to make “n” number of changes within their squad until the selected match goes live in reality.

GetMega app

GetMega app offers a horizontal as well as a vertical gaming experience. It comes loaded with three basic gaming categories mainly casual, trivia and cards, inclusive of games like Warship, Poker, Carrom, Texas, Rummy, 123, GoPool and more. Also, the platform gets an intuitive interface making it quite an easy task for gamers to interact as per convenience and earn at the same time. GetMega app is a 100% safe and verified platform besides being an active member of the All India Gaming Federation. 

GetMega app only includes real players, whose identities are verified via Facebook profile photos. Each game comprises a variety of optimally displayed elements. Thus making it quite an easy task for players to focus on the game without getting distracted. Moreover, the games loaded within the GetMega app also serve as strategic stimulators for the human brain, other than helping out users to get rid of boredom. Within the app, players can step inside a high society club to play pool, wherein they need to aim well and shoot smart to win. Also, games like ABC Rummy, Hold’em Poker, Rummy, GK and PickMe help with strategic thinking and real-time decision making.  

Online games which require strategic decision making and undivided attention have proven to enhance the grey matter in the human brain. Thus enhancing the decision-making skills of individual players over time. So what are you waiting for? Visit the above-mentioned platforms now and choose between all the available options.