How to Prepare for a Facial Treatment?

Regardless of age, sex, and race, healthy skin is something everyone would like to have. Just imagine, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning seeing flawless and glowing skin in front of the mirror? It sure does! But not everyone has such a blessing. Some people need to work hard to achieve flawless skin, while others are born with it.

Though what should you do if you are the former? Would your efforts be enough to make your dream of flawless skin become a reality? It depends on what you do. Washing your face and nothing else is not enough. You have to think about having a skincare routine to make at least some change. Sometimes, you also have to consider more, such as undergoing facial treatment in Singapore.

Either way, pampering and taking care of your skin now and then are the only way to make your skin flawless and healthy. If you have plans to undergo facial treatment in Singapore anytime soon, you better keep the following in mind. It will help you get the most out of the procedure.

What-Should-You-Do-Before-a-Facial-Treatment-ConsultationWhat Should You Do Before a Facial Treatment Consultation?

Going to a dermatologist is not as simple as you think it is. Even though booking a facial treatment is just a phone call or email away, your preparation would have an impact on how it will go. It is the key to whether you would have a perfect facial treatment experience or not.

To get you ready before a facial treatment consultation, make sure to follow the things listed below.


Make a List of Concerns.

Before you undergo facial treatment in Singapore, the dermatologist will ask you first about your concern. These are the reasons why you are at their clinic and want to get a procedure done.

In case you cannot answer them through words, you can show them the list of concerns you made. Your notes would give an idea of what you want to happen.

Be Aware of Allergies.

According to a study, 10% of the world population experience adverse reactions to the drug and medication they take. With that in mind, your dermatologist would know which substance to use in the procedure you want to get.

PRO TIP: If you still have no idea what your allergies are, have an allergy test before getting a facial treatment.

Know Your Family History.

Even though you are the only one planning to undergo facial treatment, your family history will help the dermatologist assess your condition. They will know how careful they need to be, so you would not experience any trouble and side effects afterwards.

Bring a Detailed Medical Record.

Besides the medical record of your family, the dermatologist would also need to see yours. Your medical records would help them identify what procedure you have done in the past and when was the last time you visited a doctor.

Write Down Any Questions You May Have.

Since it feels overwhelming to consult a dermatologist, it might be hard to remember all the questions you have in mind. Instead of recalling what those are, it would be a good idea to have some notes by your side. As such, you can ask one question after another.

Think About Bringing a Companion.

Your companion would not only relieve your anxiety but would also give you the courage to face what you need to hear in your consultation. Through their presence, you can gather your thoughts easier. As such, you can make the right decision.

It might seem a lot of preparations but doing them all makes your facial treatment consultation easier. You would notice your hard work will pay off once your visit ends and proceed to your next facial treatment appointment.


What Should You Wear and Look on Your Facial Treatment Appointment?

Shortly before the day of your facial treatment appointment, you may get a call from someone at your chosen clinic. They will ask you whether you can attend the session or they have to reschedule it some other day.  Make sure to give them a reply as soon as you can, or they might do the latter.

The following are the things you need to do on the day of your facial treatment in Singapore.


Wear Loose Clothes.

Otherwise, the dermatologist would have trouble performing the procedure if you are wearing tight and complicated clothes. They might have to ask you to wear their exam gown instead to make the treatment more manageable for them to perform.

Try Not to Wear Cosmetic.

There is nothing wrong with wearing one. However, the dermatologist may have to ask you to remove it since the makeup might get in their way when they are taking a closer look at your skin. Also, when they perform the procedure itself, the makeup might irritate your skin. Therefore, better go there bare face.

Trim and Remove the Nail Polish.

Most often than not, the dermatologist will ask you not to touch the treated area. If you do, it can sometimes be the cause of skin irritation. That is why you should consider trimming your nails and remove the nail polish.

SAFETY MEASURES:  Even though there are only a few cases of COVID-19, you still have to wear a face mask. According to the Ministry of Health, those who would not follow have to pay $S300 for the first offence and S$1,000 if they did not wear one again.

Above anything else, make sure you never book any facial treatment on the same day of an event. If you do, your skin will look inflamed, and others might misunderstand why you look like that. That is why you should only book an appointment on the day you are free and have nothing else to do afterwards.


What Should You Do to Have a Perfect Facial Treatment Experience?

<img src=”” alt=”6-Tips-for-a-Perfect-Facial-Treatment-Experience” border=”0″></a>

Avoid Exfoliating the Skin.

The facial treatment in Singapore consists of exfoliating the skin with enzyme or acid peel. That is why if you exfoliate before the procedure, your skin will become sensitive, causing it to sting when you apply products.

Of course, you would not want that to happen, so better not exfoliate your skin at least four days before your facial treatment.

Brush Your Teeth.

Since you are so close to your dermatologist’s face, brush your teeth before the facial treatment starts. That helps so they would not smell the last meal you ate for breakfast or lunch. As such, you would not feel too conscious about your breath.

To ensure you do not have bad breath, use some breath months after brushing your teeth.

Prepared to Turn Off Your Smartphone.

To guarantee nothing will bother you while pampering your skin through facial treatment, consider turning off your smartphone. Otherwise, you might not enjoy yourself, and the notification your smartphone receives might cause you to feel anxious.

However, before you turn your smartphone off, let your closest friends and family know that they will not be able to contact you until the procedure ends.

Stay Away from the Sun.

Even though the sun helps the body create vitamin D, too much sunlight can cause sunburn. When that happens, the skin becomes sensitive, and the facial treatment might take effect.

Therefore, stay out of the sun for at least a week before your planned facial treatment day. You could do that by always bringing an umbrella wherever you go.

No Waxing or Threading Before the Procedure.

Does your skin look hairy, especially around your face? Don’t get bothered by it at least three days before your facial treatment in Singapore.

If you let it bother you and you wax or thread, get it at least a week or two before. That time allowance would give your skin time to relax and ready for the procedure you would get.

Relax and Enjoy the Process.

Most of all, clear your thoughts so you could enjoy the entire process of facial treatment. As such, the dermatologist would not have a hard time performing the procedure, and that rest assured you would get optimal results.

REMINDER: Take good care of your skin between facial treatment appointments. It helps to make the effectiveness of the procedure last for a long time.

By following these tips, you would have a perfect facial treatment experience. Your skin will be on its way, becoming beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin! Feel free to note these down so you would know what to do later.


What Facial Treatment Should You Choose for Your Skin Type?

Your first facial treatment can be a very daunting experience. You might have so many questions in mind, like what kind of facial treatment should you get? Would that suit your skin type? Worrying about the well-being of your skin is normal. But since you have never had a professional facial treatment before, you may not know what to answer.

To help you decide which one, here is how to choose a facial treatment right for you.

<img src=”” alt=”Choose-the-Right-Facial-Treatment-Based-on-Your-Skin-Type” border=”0″></a>

Normal/Dry Skin

For normal to dry skin, they should choose a facial treatment that would deep clean and moisten their skin. These steps would help get rid of extra dirt and make their skin look clear.

However, if you are more on the dry side, opt for a hydrating facial in Singapore. The procedure should offer a hydrating serum and not too much exfoliating. Otherwise, your skin would become drier than it is.

Nonetheless, the facial treatment for this skin type should make the skin look fresh and dewy.

Combination Skin

If you have this skin type, make sure your dermatologist uses gentle and light products on your facial treatment. Take note that mild ones help not to aggravate the pores that could cause the skin to breakouts.

Moreover, to prevent your skin from becoming on the drier side, make sure the facial treatment does not exfoliate the skin too much.

Oily Skin

On the other hand, for oily skin, they should use products made out of natural extracts. These ingredients focus on deep cleaning and toning of the skin, helping to remove excess oils.

Also, expect to wear a facial mask and a thin layer of protective serum, both of these help to moisten the skin. Just make sure the dermatologist uses oil-free products so your skin would not end up becoming too oily.

As a result, the skin looks poreless, and it would feel so soft.

Sensitive Skin

Lastly, for sensitive skin, your facial treatment should not have an exfoliating step. Also, you have to ask your dermatologist if they use products with AHAs. If they do, your skin will end up looking inflamed, and there is a chance you will experience a breakout later on.

That is why they should opt for a hydrating facial in Singapore that offers light massage containing green tea or chamomile. These two ingredients not only hydrate the skin but also soothe the sensitive area. As such, the skin would look less reddish than it is.

If you have this skin type, get a facial for sensitive skin in Singapore. Let them know ahead of time so it would be easier for them to perform the procedure.

Choosing the facial treatment according to your skin type guarantees optimal results. If you are unsure which one is your skin type, you can ask your dermatologist. They know what kind of skin you have.

Are-You-Ready-to-Pamper-Your-SkinAre You Ready to Pamper Your Skin?

It is okay if you are not yet ready to undergo a facial treatment in Singapore. That is a natural thing to feel, especially if you have not done it before. Just keep in mind that once you decide to pamper your skin, be smart with your preparation.

Your facial treatment will smoothly end if you follow the things mentioned above. Moreover, you would notice the optimal result of facial treatment on your skin. Therefore, make sure you do the same when you go to Ceramique Aesthetics and undergo a hydrating facial in Singapore!

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