How Can You Protect Your Eyes?

If you were to choose one from the five senses that you might lose forever, would you choose to lose your sense of sight? Lots of people would say no, and you might be one of those people. Out of all the five that humans have, vision seems to be the most essential among them. It is not a surprise either since people are reliant on sight. It is difficult for many people to imagine not seeing their dogs or loved ones. Not to mention the beauty of nature. People can only catch a glimpse of a rare comet, such as Halley’s Comet, every 75 to 76 years. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity given to people who can see.

Your prescription glasses in Singapore can assist in your capability to see clearly, but you must know that your brain is also doing plenty of work. It is said that vision is the dominant sense, why so? Your eyes are the brain’s translator. When light enters your eyes, all of its components—the pupil and the iris—will work hand-in-hand to focus the light ray onto a specific spot on the retina. From there, it will collect all sight data and translate it into useful visual information. Translated, this data will now be sent along the optic nerve of the brain, which is the organ that would tell you what you are looking at. Your eyes are in a constant state of receiving light and translating them. They do all of these in a tiny fraction of a second!

Humans have intricate eyes that are made to collect millions of information in a day. They are, indeed, a portal through which the brain can comprehend thoughts about the world, learn new things, and make memories with your loved ones. Hence, if you do not know how to take care of them, you would not appreciate the negative impact that they could do on your life. The question that now emerges in your mind is: what can I do to protect my eyes?

In this article, you will learn more about your eyes. Starting from what are the factors that can cause you to have bad eyesight. Next is the preventive measures to do to take care of your eyes. You will learn that investing in having an eye doctor to guide you in protecting your eyes would help as well. Thus, you will also learn some tips on how you can talk and approach them in the latter part of this article. Lastly, and this is for the people who have a prescription to wear eyewear after a consultation, you will learn the right eyewear suitable for your face shape. To get started, read on further!


The Causes of Bad Eyesight

Have you ever seen a child wearing big spectacles? You might have felt sorry for them, but you must have also thought that the new generations are too consumed and a slave to their phone screens that it has caused them to have bad eyesight at such a young age. This thought must be erased in your mind. You must know that various factors can cause someone to wear eyewear because of poor eyesight. With that being said, what are the causes that can give someone bad eyesight?

Here are the most common ones:


Excessive screen time

Indeed, the new generation has been exposed to technology and are causing them to be on their computers, phones, tablets, and other devices that have a screen on them. Working for long hours facing a screen can lead to dry eyes, blurry vision, and other concerning health problems.


Even with having plenty of branded sunglasses from Singapore, low water intake can result in having dry, red eyes. These are bad especially if you live in the tropical country of Singapore because you can get dehydrated easily. The best practice to do is to keep yourself hydrated if you want to maintain your clear vision.

Neglected diet

Your eyes need nutrition to function properly. When you do not watch what you eat, your eyes will likely retaliate by giving you frequent blurry vision. Thus, add leafy greens, eggs, nuts, and seafood to your diet!

Lack of sleep

With the strenuous work that your eyes do daily, they are susceptible to fatigue and strain. They need ample rest just as much as your body needs it. If you do not get at least eight hours of sleep, your eyes will not appreciate it. As a result, they will decline your clear vision.


Eye diseases and conditions are often found in patients with a family member who has these eye conditions. Family history or genetics can determine if you are likely to have to get prescription glasses. Thus, if you are experiencing the same symptoms that a family member has, seek an eye doctor immediately.


What to Do to Protect Your Eyes?

The eyes play an essential role in keeping you away from danger. It is especially true when in some instances your other senses have stopped working. Your eyes are your windows to the world, so do not take them for granted if you want to keep seeing your child’s smile or watching the sunset with your partner. By taking the proper precautions to ensure that they are in good condition, it will enable you to connect deeply with your surroundings.

More often than not, people think that they are taking care of their eyes because they invest in designer eyewear in Singapore. What they forget is that the eyes are connected to the body. Hence, neglecting their health can also be the cause of developing eye conditions. If this is something that you want to avoid, take note of the following tips to protect your eyes:


Stop smoking

Did you know that smoking can lead to vision loss? Yes, smokers have a higher risk of age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma compared to nonsmokers. These are common eye diseases that can lead you to develop blind spots, blurred vision, and eventually vision loss. As early as now, kick the habit. Not only will it protect your eyes, but it will also prevent you from developing under health conditions, such as diabetes.

A tip: since you have an emotional and physical dependence on smoking, seeking counselling services or getting support from your loved ones would be an effective way to start. Behavioural support can come from a group or individual counselling professional. Trust that they will help you overcome your dependence.

Wear sunglasses

You might already know that you should protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, but you must know that your eyes need protection from it too. Too much exposure to these harmful rays can cause photokeratitis or snow blindness. Without sunglasses, you are putting your eyes in danger. Nearing summer, you must invest in prescription sunglasses in Singapore. These would give you 100% protection from harmful rays!

A tip: even on cloudy days, the harmful rays—UVA and UVB—are still present. Thus, you should always bring your sunglasses with you! Wear them religiously if you are going outside, except on rainy days.

Take a break from your computer screen

As your relationship with your devices has grown, it is difficult to take your eyes away from the glaring screen of your computer. It does not help that you are working from home either. Too much screen time can lead to eye strain, and eye strain leads to poor eyesight. To avoid causing ill to your peepers, you should develop a habit of taking a break from your computer screen.

A tip: follow the 20-20-20 rule. It tells you that every 20 minutes that you spend facing a screen, you should try to look at a thing that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Seek an eye care practitioner

No one has studied the human eyes in medical detail except eyecare professionals. They are the ones you must seek if you want to get an eye exam that can find diseases that you might have. Here are the things you can expect when you book a schedule for an eye exam from them:

  • A discussion of your personal and family medical history
  • Vision tests that would determine if you are nearsighted, farsighted or have an astigmatism condition.
  • Determine how well your eyes work together
  • Tests to check if you have glaucoma, which can be detected by measuring eye pressure and optic nerves
  • General tips to help you in managing your eyesight and prescription for eyewear


How to Talk to an Eye Doctor

Are you worried about the burning, scratchy or stinging sensation in your eyes that you have been experiencing lately? It may be a symptom of dry eyes. While it is a common condition in this digital age, you should always take the advice of a professional.

If you booked an appointment with an eye care practitioner for prescription, take note of these tips when you are talking with your doctor:


Be honest

Have you been falling asleep with your contact lenses plenty of times lately? If so, express this to your doctor. They will recommend eye drops to keep your eyes well-lubricated.

Ask them questions

As much as possible, you would want to prepare for your eye doctor appointment. You do not want to wait for another month to get the chance to talk to them again. Here are some questions that you might want to ask them:

●      What can I do to correct my vision?

Browsing spectacles online in Singapore might have gotten you conscious of your eyesight. Let your practitioner assess your eye grade to know if you need corrective lenses to get back your clear vision.

●      Should I be worried about developing eye diseases?

Your doctor will not give prescriptions to relieve you from your blurred vision until they have you tested. If you suspect that you have symptoms of glaucoma, allow them to conduct vision tests first.

●      How often should I visit you?

Consistency is the key if you want to manage your eye health. It takes more than having the right prescription eyewear, you must also know how frequent you should visit your eye doctor. Thus, allow them to give you a schedule for your next appointment!


Finding the Right Eyewear for Your Face Shape

Once you have tackled the medical concerns of your eyes, it is time to get the suitable eyewear that complements your face. Not many people know that choosing a pair of designer eyewear considers plenty of factors, such as lifestyle, skin tone, and face shape!

If you have the prescription to wear eyeglasses, here are the best frames that suit each unique face shape:



People with an oval face shape have narrower foreheads and slightly narrow chin. One of the most universal face shapes, it does not mean you can pick any eyewear frame off the shelf. The most suitable ones for you would be frames that are square, rectangular or D-frame sunglasses.


Soft curves and smooth lines with cheeks that are full and rounded chin, the fitting eyewear frame that is suitable for people with round-shaped faces are: rectangular, angular and geometric, and cat-eye frames!


Square faces have bold, angular features with a cut clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Hence, to keep these in harmony with your prescription eyewear, you should go for round and oval-shaped frames.


One of the most versatile of all the face shapes, heart-shaped faces have wide brows but narrows down through the chin. If you want prescription sunglasses, go for bottom-heavy, oval-shaped, and rimless frames to complement your desirable features!


People with triangle-shaped faces have the widest chin and the narrowest forehead. The best frames that can complement your face shape are the complete opposite of your face structure. Go for D-frames, aviator, and cat-eyes glasses to find balance in your features.


Once you have identified your face shape, you could get a pair that will look harmonious and bring a natural balance to your face. Buying your spectacles online in Singapore would be easy, and Better Vision is the shop you can trust to give you the best pair of eyewear!

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