How to Make online Learning More Engaging and Interesting

Due to social distancing caused by Corona virus lockdown, students are now getting education in the form of online learning. So, students feel the sense of isolation. Lido learning is a really new experience for most of the students and teachers. To solve these problems, it is important make learning interactive and engage the students online.

Tips to make learning more engaging:

While learning online, students tend to face many challenges including distractions, being out of comfort zone and no personal interaction between tutors and students. For online learning, students have high self-motivation and time management skills. How can you make the learning environment more enjoyable and captivating? How can you make Lido learning much more engaging? Given below are some practical tips for engaging students in online classes:

  1. Students interaction:

Interaction between students and teachers is very important. Teachers should acknowledge students in online live classes. Or else, you can communicate with them during group chats. This is what you need to make your online courses more engaging. Build strong relationship with students. Try to understand them better by learning their unique personalities. Allow students to know each other. Let them introduce themselves and share their hobbies and interests.

  1. Give some rights and control:

When you provide students a sense of ownership and control, they will easily get more engaged and motivated. Therefore, give them a selection of units, topics, and assignments to select from. This would help them opt for relevant content, learn specific topics, or select their preferred delivery method. This will surely engage and empower your learners.

  1. Encourage for student’s contribution

Host group studies and emphasize group projects. Invite your aspirants to learn by sharing their knowledge. Students get inspiration on task-based learning. Allow students to create and review each other’s projects. This does not only promote a culture of sharing but also strengthen student’s understanding.

  1. Merge content delivery methods:

Make use of different content delivery methods like text, video, audio, and presentations. Students can easily learn from videos than audio or text. So, have lesions in the form of 10-minute videos. Avoid long lecture recordings, as small chunks are quite enough. This results in improved engagement and retention of students. Students can watch video lesions at their comfort. Even, they can download for future use.

Final verdict:

Maybe you get through the tips, which need to make e-learning more interactive during the lockdown period. You have to put some efforts for enhancing both the teaching and learning experiences. So, students will acquire more out of these online classes.