Zantac Lawsuits – What Your Lawyer Might Ask You

A Zantac Lawsuit refers to a legal claim by a plaintiff for financial compensation on the ground that he/she was diagnosed with carcinoma due to the long-term intake of the heartburn medication. Zantac contains NDMA that has been proved to cause cancer in humans and animals. Plaintiffs allege, in their current litigations, that the Zantac manufacturer has put a dangerous product in the market and failed to warn the potential users about the serious side effects and risks.

The most common types of cancer with an established link to long-term Zantac use are as follows:

  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Intestine Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Uterine Cancer

Keep in mind that there is a certain time limit to file a Zantac lawsuit. If you suspect that your carcinoma diagnosis has been caused by Zantac intake, talk to an attorney at length as early as possible.

The plaintiffs sue the drug manufacturer on the following grounds:

  • The defective design of the drug
  • The manufacturer’s failure to warn the users about its potential risks

Questions That Your Zantac Lawsuit Attorney Will Ask You

Make sure to hire a lawyer who has proven expertise and rich experience in handling Zantac lawsuits. It’s a tried and trusted way to ensure that you will come victorious in terms of receiving compensation for the physical harm caused due to Zantac intake for a long period of time. Followings are some important questions to ask the lawyer in order to figure out if he or she is the right person up to your task:

How long did you consume Zantac?

People willing to file Zantac lawsuits usually have taken the drug for at least a year before their cancer diagnosis is confirmed. It is less likely for you to remember how long you have been taking the drug; still, you should try to estimate the time span. You should arrange the copies of your medical records and prescriptions in sequential order and provide the attorney with everything required for your representation.

What type of cancer have you been diagnosed with?

Plaintiffs filing Zantac lawsuits for financial compensation have been diagnosed with mainly stomach and bladder cancer by their doctor. The lawyer dealing with such cases will ask you when you were officially diagnosed with cancer.

What kind of treatment are you receiving for your ailment?

Discuss your cancer treatment with the lawyer and also if it is working. The treatment plan, suggested by your oncologist, depends a lot on the type and stage of the cancer.

Do you have a family history of carcinoma?

Anyone with a family history of cancer is at a greater risk of developing the disease. Provide your doctor with a copy of your medical records. Make sure not to hide your family’s medical history.

Are you experiencing other serious side effects?

The side effects of Zantac are not very common. Have you suffered any serious issue with your central nervous system or cardiovascular health, gastronomical problem, liver failure or others? Provide your lawyer with all the required details as well as if any of these physical problems has affected your ability to perform daily chores.