How to Hire a CakePHP developer?

CakePHP has risen to be a famous web development framework in the present time. Not only, it is regarded as one of the most efficient frameworks based on PHP, but it also offers a lot of versatility to the developers. It also brings some amazing features which make your task easy and flexible. All in all, it has all the features which a framework should have to help a php software development company develop websites efficiently.

What is important is that an expert resource should be needed to engage in it and render apt web solution. Here are some of the tips which you should keep in mind when choosing offshore cakephp developer for your project:


The first thing to focus on while selecting the offshore cakephp developer is to know about your project well. Not only, you should know what your project requires, but also you should have an idea about the time it would need, the complexities involved and the level of experience and skill it will require. Once you know about your project in the right way, you will be able to find the right match to design it.


The next step is to search for providers who fit in your requirement and then filter them one by one. Look out for providers and speak to them personally to know about their viewpoint. You can also search on the internet and shortlist a few custom php app development companies who fit the bill. Speak to them and discuss your project with the shortlisted companies. Look out for their experience, team members, team size, and location before discussing your project.


Sometimes the data available on the internet is not correct. Hence, you should also check the online forums, testimonials of the past clients and reviews and recommendations of people for the company you have chosen. Sometimes the information on the site of the company is not right. Hence, cross check the details on search engines and other sources to ensure that the information give on the site is authentic.

Speak to them

Speak with PHP software development company and see how they revert back. If the company is good in giving suggestions and is open to take your suggestions, if the developer has good communication skills and is good at programming, then you can certainly hire them. Speak to their clients to get a clue about their experience and to know whether the claims made by the company are true or not


The one thing which you shouldn’t forget is your budget. If you are on a limited budget, then there is no way you can spend irrationally on your project. Hence, while choosing a development company, make sure you discuss the cost also.

Once all the points are covered, you can choose the developer. If you are still confused, then we at Rockers Technology come to your rescue. We offer off-shore CakePHP developers who have strong credentials in the field. Our dedicated team will render immense satisfaction and delight to you.