Great Tips for Awesome Savings While on Vacation in Solvang, California

Take a nice and relaxing trip to the city of Solvang without spending a fortune.

Welcome to the “sunny fields.” Solvang, California, was founded in 1911 by a group of Danes who were determined to establish a colony as far away as possible from the harsh winters of the American Midwest. One distinctive feature of the city is the predominantly Danish architecture that lends a certain charm to Solvang, making it a favorite destination for tourists and business travelers alike. The city offers many exciting activities and attractions, such as the annual Danish Days (featuring feasts, street dancing, and lots of tasty dishes). Do your homework well and research on everything you are interested about Solvang prior to the date when you plan to have your vacation in the city. This way, you minimize the necessity of having a tour guide herding you throughout the city for the majority of your trip. This not only diminishes the significance of your appreciation of the “true” Solvang, but the cost of hiring a tour guide can also deplete your travel funds.

City Highlight: Solvang offers frugal travelers a variety of cheap and affordable dining options which include the Paula’s Pancake House, Mandarin Touch, Little Mermaid, and Root 246.

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Where to Stay While on Vacation in Solvang

There are numerous establishments to choose from when it comes to finding a place to stay while in Solvang. Owing to the unique charm of the city, it is highly recommended that you spend at least a day just soaking up the local color and appreciating the intricacies of the buildings’ architecture that is distinctly Danish. The following establishments provide comfortable accommodations, value-for-money room rates, as well as provide quick access to numerous site attractions located throughout the city.

The Solvang Gardens Lodge offers a romantic getaway right in the city’s downtown area. Pea Soup Andersen’s Inn, meanwhile, has a great parking area (ideal for those traveling in their own vehicles) and offers delectable Continental breakfasts for its guests. Lastly, the KingFrederickInn (named after the Danish monarch who made a personal visit to Solvang) is also situated along the downtown area and provides easy access to shops, entertainment, and restaurants. provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.

A Budget Vacation in Solvang

One highly recommended way of fully enjoying your vacation in Solvang is to do most of your site explorations on foot. Choose hotels that are in close proximity to almost every site attraction in the city and from there, set out for a relaxing stroll where you get to appreciate all that Solvang has to offer. That said, here are several sites and activities that you should not miss while visiting the city.

The HansChristianAndersenMuseum is a monument to the author’s life and works. Located above the Book Loft, the museum showcases a model of the author’s childhood home and hundreds of illustrated first-edition volumes of his works. The VintageMotorcycleMuseum, on the other hand, showcases several displays of racing bikes of vintage quality, with machines dating back to 1910 up to present. Another attraction is the Solvang Festival Theater, which is an open air theater that can accommodate 700 people at one time. The exterior of the theater is styled in the spirit of Danish and Elizabethan architecture. Other points of interest in Solvang that are worth checking out include the HansChristianAndersenPark, EvangelicalLutheranChurch, and ElvergojMuseum of History & Art.