Ejection port cover for AR-15 style rifles

AR-15 is a semiautomatic lightweight rifle which is owned by Colt company but the design was originally developed by Armalite. AR-15 is a highly customisable rifle and is capable of taking various kinds of upgrades and add-ons. The various components of the rifle can be upgraded to increase range and power of of the rifle, enhancing shooting accuracy, improve the grip, etc. Ejection port cover is a common upgrade of AR-15 rifle It has been discussed here.

Ejection port cover upgrade

Ejection port is an outlet through which the spent bullet casings are ejected from the rifle. The ar-15 ejection port cover is an useful upgrade for AR-15 rifle. The reason is simple. The ejection port of your AR-15 rifle also acts as an inlet for dust and dirt particles to get into the gun. Accumulation of dust and dirt inside the gun will eventually damage its inner parts. The ar-15 ejection port cover will keep the ejection port covered and protect it against dirt and dust when the rifle is not in use.

Even when you are shooting outdoors, the ar-15 ejection port cover should be with you. This is because when you are not shooting and simply moving about holding the rifle, the ejection port should be kept closed by the cover. In places with a lot of dirt and mud, ejection port cover becomes all the more important because the mud can lodge inside the rifle.

There are many online stores selling ejection port covers for all kinds of AR-15 rifles. The ejection port covers are made of steel and come in various designs. You need to order a ar-15 ejection port cover kit containing the cover, spring, hinge pin, snap ring and other installation tools.