Eyebrow Microshading VS Eyebrow Microblading In Singapore: Differences And Similarities

Are your eyebrows on fleek today? On fleek is a slang invented in 2014 that describes perfectly shaped, groomed, and filled eyebrows. If your eyebrows are not on fleek today, you may need eyebrow microblading or microshading in Singapore today.

Perhaps, the most popular personality with no eyebrows today is Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic painting. There are several speculations regarding her missing eyebrows. Some said that ladies without eyebrows during Da Vinci’s period were considered beautiful, but this speculation is flat out rumours. In fact, Mona Lisa once had eyebrows and eyelashes!

Pascal Cotte, an engineer optician, discovered that Da Vinci had drawn eyebrows and eyelashes on Mona Lisa, but due to several restorations the painting had undergone, the brows and lashes had eroded.

This Mona Lisa news must have discouraged ladies born with thread-like eyebrows. But no need to worry, aseyebrow microshading and embroidery in Singapore. But what are these two treatments, and what are their differences?

Differences and Similarities Between Eyebrow Microblading And Microshading In Singapore

Not all people are blessed with thick and lush eyebrows, and in the age of “on fleek”brows, it could be a bit of self-diminishing. Thankfully, there are ways to shape and fill your brows semi-permanently.

Here are the things you need to know about eyebrow microblading and microshading in Singapore:



Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing used to fill the eyebrows, making them look fuller and darker.

Besides the eyebrow, there is alsohairline embroideryandeyeliner embroidery in Singapore.


Similar tobrow embroidery in Singapore, microshading is semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing used to fill the eyebrows, making them look fuller.



Technicians or estheticians use a small tattooing tool with several fine blades. Similar to how a genuine tattoo gun works, the blades on the device pierce the skin superficially whilst injecting ink or pigment.

The main difference between brow embroidery and microshading is the stroke.Brow embroidery in Singapore uses hair-like strokes, mimicking the hair.

Microblading is semi-permanent tattooing mainly because the tool only reaches the dermis layer, whereas a tattoo gun pierces deeper.


Like eyebrow and hairline embroidery, microshading uses an electric tool and pigment to fill the eyebrows.

However, instead of hair-like strokes, microshading uses tiny dots to shade or fill the brow. Microshading also uses a pigment lighter than the actual brow colour, unlike brow embroidery in Singapore uses darker ink.

Hence, brow embroidery has a more natural look compared to the powdered brow look of microshading.



Eyebrow embroidery in Singapore could last two years and more, given that it received the required retouch and proper maintenance.

Other factors that affect the longevity of brow embroidery include the quality of the treatment, skin type, and aftercare routine.

The touch-ups occur at least five weeks after the procedure.


Eyebrow microshading could last from one year to three years, given that it received the required retouch and proper maintenance.

Other factors that affect the longevity of brow embroidery include the quality of the treatment, skin type, and aftercare routine.

Touch-ups could be every eight months, depending on the aftercare routine.




People who receivedeyebrow embroidery procedures in Singapore should never pick the scabs or dry skin forming around the brows. Scab formation is natural since the treatment involves skin piercing. Let the scabs fall naturally, and use a sterile tool or clean cloth to remove dead skins and debris on the brows.

Never wet your eyebrows a week after the brow embroidery procedure in Singapore. So make sure to protect them when showering and avoid activities that cause you to sweat too much.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays for a month. Stop using skin care products that exfoliate. Its effects include peeling off dead skin cells, which may also mean removing the inked skin on your eyebrows.

Always use a fresh pillowcase during the first week. Remember, your brows have tiny wounds prone to infection, and dirty pillow cases harbour germs. Avoid sleeping on your face.

Your brows will fade a week after the brow embroidery procedure in Singapore but don’t worry; the results will be better after the touch up on the 6th week after the procedure. Make sure not to skip retouch appointments.


Microshading has almost the same aftercare routine as brow embroidery in Singapore.

Avoid getting your eyebrows wet 24 hours after the procedure. If you want to clean your eyebrows during the peeling stage, use a clean cloth to remove the debris. Avoid exercising and saunas as these activities make you sweat a lot.

Never pick your scabs and dry skin. Your eyebrows may feel itchy after the treatment. Don’t scratch them, and always wash your hands when touching your eyebrows to avoid infection.

Avoid exposing yourself to sunlight and UV rays as the skin is still raw and fresh. Avoid using skin care products that exfoliate as it has a peeling effect, but you can apply doctor-prescribed antibacterial cream on the area. Avoid other facial treatments in the meantime until your brows are fully healed.

Always use a fresh pillowcase to avoid infection, and never sleep on your face.

You can apply makeup on your eyebrows once they have been fully healed. You can also use sunscreen during this period to protect your eyebrows from sun damage and pigment fading.

Likebrow embroidery in Singapore, microshading fades weeks or months after the procedure. Touch-ups can solve this problem, so make sure not to skip your appointment.


Eyebrow microshading and microblading in Singapore have the same goal: to maintain your “on fleek” eyebrows!

Their process and maintenance must be almost identical, but the outcomes are different. Brow embroidery in Singaporegives a more natural eyebrow look, whereas microshading gives a powdered brow appearance.

Which of the two procedures do you prefer?

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