Denver credit union is committed in every way to ensuring that enough information is made available through the constant provision of well-written articles to ensure that every information is made available in detail so that everyone can know what is obtainable. Fraudulent activities are becoming more prevalent day by day, as many are not sure of why people will leave having to work with their hands and start trailing the way of robbing their other fellow of their money, it is more important these days than any other time to be very diligent on our security as regards our personal information. As prevalent as fraud is in these days there is quite a number that have never been a victim, I mean never, and some have even been bitten more than twice, so the not bitten twice shy is not true for them, and this most of the time is not because the fraudsters are that intelligent but because many of us has chosen to be very carefree with our details even people in Denver, as well as Denver credit union members, and this is the aim of this article to ensure that everyone can guide their assets.

You must be aware of threats that come online, even in Denver, as a Denver credit union user or intending member of this community. There is a part of this platform that is as well committed to updating us on information on how to protect your personal information from theft on all your devices, from phones to pads, and even your computers. Here are the basic things that will ensure your safety, keeping your social security safe is one thing you will want to ensure, don’t carry it in your wallet or write it on a check, only get to give it out when necessary. Properly shred financial statements and other documents because thieves can pick these documents through the trash therefore always shred receipts, copies of credit applications, insurance,¬† financial statements, expired credit cards, or any other documents that have sensitive information on them.

Always be on the guard on Internet don’t just click links you are not sure about their source, not in the name of anything. Making use of strong passwords is another way out of this fraud activities, avoid easy to guess passwords, store your personal information in a secure location and this is applicable everywhere even for Denver credit union members. Always monitor your bank statements to keep track of what is going on with your money, when you are keen on all of these activities you can be sure of your security against any and every form of fraudulent activities, we must take responsibility for our safety.