Cancer Awareness: How to Prevent Breast Cancer

How common is breast cancer among women? It’s about 30% of the female population, which means one in three women can suffer from this disease.

That 30% is a big chunk of the total population, and if you’re wondering if it’s possible to develop breast cancer, the answer is yes. It’s not always about genetics. Sometimes your lifestyle also plays a role. It can be for obesity, ageing, diabetes, hormonal change, etc. Once you get diagnosed, you’ll need to undergo breast cancer treatment in Singapore, which can be expensive.

On top of this, you’ll experience physical and emotional changes that may affect your daily life routine. If this sounds exhausting, the best solution is to prevent breast cancer from taking over your life. To do so, continue reading this article to learn how you can prevent this disease from developing.

How to Prevent Breast Cancer

Your health is your responsibility. It depends on your choices if you want to stay healthy or sabotage your body. Although some diseases are caused by genetics, lifestyle also plays a role in your overall well-being. It’s not just about getting the best doctors or paying for expensive brachytherapy in Singapore. You also need to be mindful of your actions, and to do so, here are some ways to prevent breast cancer by living a long, healthy life.

To be an advocate, learn how you can protect yourself from developing breast cancer in this article. You can also share this knowledge with your friends and family to better understand breast cancer.


1) Avoid Obesity

Loving yourself is a trendy campaign among women. Gone are the days when women had to look slim and pretty to satisfy societal expectations. Today, the young generation advocates for breaking the beauty norms by allowing women to embrace their bodies regardless of their shape.

Although the message is inspiring, most people still overlook the importance of health. Unfortunately, being overweight can increase the risk of breast cancer because of increased oestrogen levels that have insulin.

Yes, you can eat as much as you can or have belly fat. But, ask yourself: is my lifestyle healthy? Do I eat nutritious food? There’s a fine line between advocating for loving yourself versus staying healthy. Why not find a balance in between to achieve harmony? Don’t starve yourself and look after your health. This way, you can feel beautiful and healthy at the same time and avoid going to expensive breast cancer treatment in Singapore.

2) Eat Healthy and Regular Exercise

Indeed, it’s not easy to maintain a healthy weight for various reasons, like genetics, busy lifestyle, and more. However, there’s no excuse if you want to be healthy. You’ll find ways to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Living a healthy lifestyle can prevent cancers like breast cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, etc.

On the other hand, if you’re currently undergoing brachytherapy or cervical cancer treatment in Singapore, try to eat healthier and be active to make your recovery faster. You’ll also improve your mental state because exercising can release happy hormones called endorphins.

3) Stop Smoking

Indeed, you already know that smoking can affect your health. Smoking can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and the weakening of the immune system. Smoking can release toxins in your body that increase your chances of breast cancer. An avid smoker should change their lifestyle to prevent various diseases. If you find it hard to change your habit, look for a professional who can help you with your addiction.

But, if you have a breast cancer treatment session, smoking can hinder your recovery progress. For this reason, it’s a win-win situation if you stop smoking today. You can even get clear skin and prevent your body from developing fatal health issues.

4) Know Your Genetic History

Another way to prevent breast cancer is to learn more about your genetic history. DNA tests might be an expensive procedure. But they can help you learn more about your medical condition and do helpful things to prevent diseases from developing. You can also undergo a brachytherapy procedure to lessen the cancer risks with little to no side effects.

You can also join some support groups to help you know more about your cancer and its effect on the body. You’ll know what to do once you develop breast cancer due to genetics by giving yourself more knowledge. After all, you can’t control your genetics, so the best way is to prepare yourself.

5) Keep a Positive Mindset

Your mindset can also affect your health. You’ll develop mental health issues like anxiety and depression if you always think negatively. It will lead to the weakening of your immune system and result in more health issues like cancer. It’ll be harder to regulate your emotions because you feel less confident and unstable.

It also goes when undergoing breast or cervical cancer treatment in Singapore. A positive mindset can help you get through the cloudy days. Instead of focusing on unpleasant events, you’ll turn these into inspiring thoughts that motivate you to do well.

6) Take an Oestrogen-Blocking Drug

If you have cancer in your genetics, the best way to improve your situation is to take some medicine or vitamins like oestrogen-blocking drugs. There are letrozole, anastrozole and exemestane, and more you can try to include in your diet. However, before trying any pills, ask your doctor about the oestrogen-blocking medicine applicable to your body. On top of this, you can also increase your recovery while undergoing breast cancer treatment in Singapore.

7) Attend a Regular Doctor Consultation

Finally, don’t forget to have a regular consultation for your health because it can help you track your overall progress. Find a radiologist or a doctor who specialises in cancer to help you stay updated about your health. You can also get the latest breast cancer treatment, cervical cancer treatment sessions, and brachytherapy in Singapore. With your efforts, you can live a life cancer-free and stress-free.

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