Best Smart Watches On The Market

When smartwatches were initially brought to us on the market, they seemed as if they were a bit of a gimmick and something that would never take off. However, wearable tech is now thriving as you can’t walk down the street without noticing someone with a smart watch as they have soared in popularity in recent times. Due to this, we have compiled a list of the best smart watches on the market for you to pick from.

Of course, the market leader when it comes to smart watches and especially if you have an iPhone then there’s no other watch than we would be buying than the Apple Watch Series 6. Although there hasn’t been much innovation in terms of the changes made in design from the first Apple Watch to now, it’s still the best watch on the market. The new features this year include a brighter always on display and new features in their health app including the blood oxygen monitor as well as notifications for heart rates and fitness boosts.

Smartwatches have only been able to become more popular due to the rapid advances in technology and smart watches isn’t the only industry that has benefitted from this. In fact, online casinos such as at has seen a surge in numbers on their sites due to their improved user face which is down to the advances in technology and also now with the introduction of 5G, punters are now able to gamble on the go without the worry that they are going to lose connection.

If we are going to mention a watch primarily for fitness, then the Fitbit Sense is certainly the best watch out there for fitness fanatics. This watch has a unique electrodermal measuring system which can scan to tell how calm or even how stressed you are and really helps to keep you in the right mind mentally. Furthermore, to that, it has multiple fitness related workouts, GPS tracker for all your runs and cycle routes as well as many other features that can improve your health.

And finally, a watch that is targeted for the Android users and certainly the best on the market for that would be the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The design of this watch is one of the best on the market due to the unique rotating bezel that it has and also variations of colours, straps and interfaces that it comes with.  The features this has compared to others when it comes to staying organised including calendar, e-mails and messages are also far superior.