Why Taking Care For Your Ear, Nose and Throat are Important

Everyone loves music. Regardless of the genre or language, people listen to music every day to uplift their spirit. The gift of music and hearing has helped people to unite and inspire others. Without a sense of hearing, you would not be able to appreciate the power of music to change someone’s life.

Your senses are essential to your life because it gives colour to your daily routine. Of course, the same goes for the sense of smell, seeing, tasting and feeling. To appreciate the colours of life, you should protect your senses with an ENT specialist in Singapore. This article will help you understand the importance of looking for the best care for your ear, nose and throat.

Why Taking Care For Your Ear, Nose and Throat are Important?

Even minor complications in your ear, nose, or throat can affect your daily life routine. So going to an ENT clinic in Singapore can help you bring back the vigours of your life. There are many reasons why you need to take care of your ear, nose and throat. But, how can they help you improve your life quality?

First, an ear nose throat specialist can detect sinus and nasal problems that prevent headaches, chronic diseases and allergies. Hence, don’t ignore minor complications in your body because they may lead to a more serious condition. Fortunately, you have the chance to visit an ENT clinic for your maintenance.

Of course, your ENT specialist can treat hearing loss, which means you can listen to the music you want! See, ENT specialists are here to protect your senses to experience what life could offer and make the most out of it. An ENT specialist is also a neck and head specialist. As everyone knows, everything is connected in your body. From head to toe, you have to create a balance. Luckily, an ENT specialist can also bring balance to your body, which means you’ll live a more comfortable life.

Bottom line, taking care of your ear, nose and throat will detect early problems, restore senses and bring balance. With this, you’ll live a more comfortable and healthy life. To experience this, read the next section to know the tips on how to look for a reliable ENT specialist in Singapore.


Tips for Finding Best ENT Specialist

As mentioned above, taking care of your ears, nose, and throat will bring balance to your life. But, the question is how you will ensure that you have the best ENT specialist? Well, here are some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for your ENT specialist in Singapore



When looking for your ENT specialist in Singapore at Novena, make sure you research before booking an appointment. There are many ways to look for an ENT specialist. First, you can ask your doctor for referrals, which may help you find the appropriate doctor for your condition. Also, your friend and family can give recommendations for your ENT specialist.

As you establish your choices, take time to meet and consult with the doctors to have your general opinion about them. After that, you can choose the best ENT specialist that you feel you can get along with. Remember, you’ll have to meet with your doctor more than once, so make sure you are comfortable with your ENT specialist.

Check the Credentials

In the medical field, board certifications are an indication that they have the necessary training, education and experience with their chosen field. When you’re looking for your ENT specialist, make sure you ask about his/her credentials. To give you a tip, most doctors display their board certification at their ENT clinic or website. So, take time to browse through the website.

Also, you need to know if your ENT specialist had no malpractice record or disciplinary actions. This way, you’ll ensure that you are safe and treated professionally.

Professional Experience

After you check the credentials of your ENT specialist, consider knowing their industry experience as well. Remember, a doctor with more experience will most likely give you better results. You can ask some questions to know the doctor industry experience. Here are they:

  • How long have you been practising your profession?
  • How many patients have you treated before?
  • How many procedures have you performed?
  • What complications do you usually encounter?
  • How do you solve health complications and risks?

If your ENT specialist can answer this confidently, there is a high chance that he/she has the experience to treat you.

Consider the Doctor’s Gender

To remind you, this is not to be sexist or biased. Consider the doctor’s gender because some focus on women’s health, while others focus on men’s health. On top of that, you have to feel comfortable with your doctor because he/she will ask personal questions.

Also, ear, nose, and throat specialists should have a sense of reliability and trustworthiness, so make sure you see a doctor who will make you feel more comfortable. In conclusion, choose a doctor regarding your condition and your gender so that you’ll get a more accurate diagnosis.

TeleHealth Options

Since the world is battling a pandemic, you have limited options to go to an ENT clinic in Singapore. Your ENT specialist should offer Telehealth options, which means he/she can consult you through video chat, email, or smartphones. This way, you’ll have fewer trips to the clinic and save money for commute cost.

TeleHealth is also convenient for follow-up check-up and minor health problems. You can also use TeleHealth when you have questions that need to be answered immediately. As a result, you’ll save more time for yourself.

Communication Skills

Also, consider how your ENT specialist talks with you. Is he/she welcoming? Is your doctor actively listening to your problems? Does he/she remember what you said? Look for an ENT specialist interested in knowing more about your lifestyle, family history and health condition. This way, your ENT specialist will give you a more accurate diagnosis.

Nonetheless, make sure your ear, nose, throat specialist in Singapore has a compassionate heart to treat his/her patients.

Read Reviews

It is the best way to get an insight about an ENT specialist service with his/her patient. The reviews reflect the experience of the previous patient with the doctor. Take time to read so you will avoid investing your time with the wrong doctor for your condition. You can also know about the doctor’s consultation fees, staff and personality. So, read reviews before booking an appointment!

It is recommendable that you know how to find the best ENT specialist in Singapore for your health. Now that you know these tips, you’ll know who to ask for help if you encounter some alarming situations. In the next section, you will learn about the signs that you need to visit an ENT clinic in Singapore immediately.


Signs That You Need to Visit an ENT Clinic

In the previous section, you have learned the tips for looking for the best ENT specialist. Now, you will see how these tips could be helpful when you face these alarming situations. If it happens, all you have to do is call your doctor immediately and get the best treatment you need.


Hearing Loss

If you are experiencing hearing problems for more than a week, it’s a clear sign that you need to see an ENT specialist in Singapore. Temporary hearing loss can happen when you listen to sounds with extreme loudness. Nowadays, most people are using earphones or earbuds. As a result, some people have problems with their hearing because they listen to loud music for a long time.

However, if your hearing problems persist, there may be permanent damage to your ear. So, it’s time to call your ENT specialist. In doing so, you can listen to music again without worrying about your hearing loss.

Ringing in Ears

It is more likely that you are experiencing tinnitus when you experience a ringing sensation in your ears. Tinnitus is a noise in your ear that does not come from external factors. It is common among older adults. However, take care of your ears regardless of your age. Tinnitus requires immediate attention from your ENT specialist. It might be an early symptom of hearing loss or other ear infections.

Regardless of if you have a ringing sensation in your ears, a visit to the ENT clinic for your regular check-up will help you in the long run. Better yet, schedule an annual consultation to avoid ear, nose and throat health complications.

Sore Throat

Sore throat is common. There are many reasons why you develop a sore throat. However, if it lasts for more than one week and you can barely drink water, you should call your ENT specialist right away. These instances indicate that it is not a normal sore throat. Luckily, you know the tips on how to look for an ENT specialist in Singapore. This way, you can call your doctor within the minute you feel the urgency to contact your ENT specialist.

Additionally, while waiting for your doctor’s instructions, you should do some home remedies for your sore throat that can alleviate the pain. Remember to stay calm because your ENT specialist will help you recover from this situation.

Nasal Congestion

Are you waking up with a blocked nose? Or Do you find it hard to breathe because you feel your nasal passage is clogged? Well, it’s time to give attention to your condition. Visit your ENT clinic right away! Persistent nasal congestion is not normal and a sign of a more serious condition.

When you see an ear, nose, throat specialist, they will figure out your condition right away. It may be because of airborne allergies, infections, or a deviated septum. After that, your ENT specialist can give you treatment and solutions for your recovery process.

Sinus Pain

Sinus pain can affect a large area of your face, including the ear, upper teeth region and nose. Your face will look inflamed and feel very sore if you ignore it. So, call an ENT specialist right away for a treatment plan. Indeed, time is essential when healing from a disease. Therefore, make every second count when dealing with sinus pain. After all, the earlier detection, the more chances of recovering.

Nonetheless, remember the tips when looking for the best ENT specialist. In doing so, you can contact the best doctor for your health condition.

Moving forward, knowing the tips for finding the best doctors and knowing the signs when to look for an ENT specialist should not only go into vain. Make an effort to make the most out of your hard work by learning how to take care of your ears, nose and throat. So, read further to know the home care you need.


How to Take Care of Your Ear, Nose and Throat

Of course, you don’t need to ask for help from your ENT Specialist all the time. There are times that you have to take care of yourself. There are many easy ways to protect the ear, nose and throat health at home. This way, you’ll be able to maintain your sense of hearing to appreciate the music of life. Here are the ways to protect your ear, nose and throat.

  • Use earplugs when your loud noises
  • Turn the volume down (when wearing earphones, watching TV, or listening to the radio)
  • Give your ears a break
  • Do not use cotton swabs
  • Take medication (if prescribed by a doctor)
  • Keep the ears dry
  • Exercise
  • Manage stress levels
  • Healthy Diet
  • Going to a reliable clinic

See, managing your ear, nose, and throat is easy. All you need to have is discipline and determination to protect yourself. With this, you can ensure that you’ll have a comfortable life with a perfect sense of touch, taste, hear and feel. Remember, everything in your body is connected.

As you can see, going to a reliable clinic can also help you preserve the health of your ear, nose, and throat. Luckily, there is DrGanEngCern – Sinus & ENT Specialist in Singapore. They will provide you with the best healthcare and offer a professional ENT specialist to give you the proper care you need.

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