Why Should Women Visit Her Podiatrist Frequently?

In ancient China, small women with small feet can seduce more lovers than women who have average to large-sized feet. People during these times find the former more attractive since, metaphorically, their small feet indicate “the right measure” in marital relationships. As a result, a lot of women bound their feet from toe to heel to force the shape of their feet into their smallest size. It damaged the bodies of many women, not to mention the psychological implications that came with it. They faced infections and a lifetime of feet crookedness and deformity. Thankfully, people’s beliefs have shifted. It allowed women to take much better care of their feet regardless of their sizes. However, podiatrists in Singapore tell us otherwise. They still get woman patients who complain about foot problems because they still do not know how to keep their feet healthy. If this situation resonates with you, then you have clicked the right article to read more about women and their relationship with a podiatry centre!

Why Do Some Foot Issues Affect Women More Frequently?

Women are more vulnerable to certain foot problems than men, and the factors that prove this can be quite a discussion. It includes age, lifestyle, work requirements, and pregnancy. Foot problems are also very common in women of all ages. Without even the need to say it, the feet are critical to a woman’s body health! Here are some of the reasons why you are more vulnerable to feet pain:

Poor-fitting shoes

When you walk into a podiatry clinic in Singapore wearing your heels, then you must rethink your decisions. Podiatrists frown upon the sight of heels since they find them to be biomechanically and orthopedically unsound. They think they are made to give you medical, postural, and safety risks. 


Carrying another human inside of you is not easy since you will undergo some changes in your musculoskeletal system. You can expect changes in your foot size and joint mobility. Also, expect more cramping and calf swelling due to the slow pace of your blood flow that can buildup fluids within your legs. Let the people of podiatry clinics help you manage it!


While this is also a case for men, hormonal changes can influence a woman’s eating habits than it is to men. Thus, there are cases of women who become overweight due to monthly menstruation and, sometimes, menopause. The weight gain affects the feet since it is not used to carrying the extra weight brought on by changes of the body.

Among all of these, you can expect at least one to be the reason why you need the help of the trained physicians in a podiatry centre in Singapore. You can trust that they will assist you in restoring your healthy feet and ankles. However, you should know the specific foot problems you are facing! To give you a heads-up, here are some specific feet problems that often happen to women.

Specific Women’s Foot and Ankle Problems

Considering the contributing factors that can impact a woman’s foot health issues, these are the specific problems that you can happen to have:


Fluid retention is the main cause of oedema. It is where your feet and ankles become swollen due to wearing socks and shoes that are too tight. It can cause a lot of discomforts. Pregnancy also calls for frequent visits to a podiatry clinic in Singapore since your veins work extra hard than before, so there is much pressure in your veins. 


Overpronation is also a foot problem that can develop during your pregnancy. It happens due to two factors: overproduction of the hormone relaxin and weight gain. The former helps a mother’s body to relax the soft tissues to prepare for childbirth, but it can reach the tissues that support the foot arches. While the latter factor is expected to happen, it contributes to the additional pressure on the feet that you develop a flat-foot condition. Both of these factors can cause foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back pain. Thus, ensure to visit your trusted podiatrist to help you with arch supports or other orthotics devices!

Foot corns

Podiatrists will tell you that women develop foot corns and callus more often than men because they wear uncomfortable shoes in the name of fashion. Due to the friction and pressure of this footwear, your skin can form corns and calluses to protect your skin from damage. You can bring the footwear that you suspect that has caused this to your doctor so they can recommend you other footwear that can diminish your foot corns.


Family history plays in the development of bunions, so it chooses no gender. However, for women, there is a higher chance to get this when they wear pumps or stilettos regularly. Pairing this habit with your family’s inherent toe deformity, then you will likely need the treatment of a podiatrist. They will provide you with the right medications to help you control the pain of a bunion.

Ingrown nails

Pedicures are a necessity for many women. If you can relate to this, then you must also consider the risks of getting ingrown nails. Your nail technician might get overly aggressive when they are cutting back your toenails that they end up too short, which are not recommended by podiatrists. Chances are higher for women with diabetes, heart disease, or a longtime sufferer of repeated ingrown nails. Thus, only trust an experienced nail technician!

The experts at ECPC

Trained physicians at ECPC, a leading podiatry clinic in Singapore, believe that women deserve to look and feel good without the approval of others. However, half of this effort should come from you, too. You have to be sensible and seek medical care when you are sensing problems with your foot. Trust that the physicians at ECPC will address the root cause of your problems, and nurse your foot back to health!

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