Why Choose an IB School for Your Child’s Early Education?

As a parent, your schooldays were some time ago. It is now your children’s turn to learn what they need to learn to have a good future like how you did. While several schools have emerged since you graduated, the essentials in the 21st century remain the same.

Your children will still see the same value of literacy, numeracy, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. What is different now is the increasing population of IB primary school graduates in Singapore!

In this article, you will learn about this modern world of schools called IB or International Baccalaureate. The IB is a global curriculum that offers an education to children from age 3 to 19. They can give your youngest child quality education at such a young age to make them a competitive student in the future.

But, how important is it for your child to have a quality primary education?


Why is Primary School an Important Part of Your Child’s Life?

As a parent, it may be difficult for you to imagine your baby going off to school. The moment they let go of your hand to face whatever it is beyond that primary school gate it may break your heart, but you know that they are going to learn what life is all about. It is a crucial point in life, and it is why they only deserve an IB Primary Year Programme or IB PYP in Singapore.

What makes this period in their educational life so important? Here are some reasons why:


Develop basic skills

Outside of family members, your child needs to learn the fundamentals of communication and cooperation. They will learn how to mix with other students who have different backgrounds. Therefore, it makes them aware that they can form a bond independently.

Assist in mental growth

Children in primary schools learn different subjects, such as mathematics, science, history, among others. These help them grow mentally by letting them understand different angles of knowledge. It prepares them to act accordingly, knowing that once they are in a private school bus service in Singapore, their minds are ready to learn.

Gain a moral compass

Aside from developing physical and mental traits, your child in primary school will also be exposed to social behaviours. It allows them to know what is the difference between good and bad behaviour. In a child’s life, this is an important learning phase because they need guidance to know what is right and wrong.

Eliminates the risk of violence

Early education is crucial, especially how without it, the likelihood of suffering violence and exploitation increases. Whether you choose to have them in an IB PYP in Singapore or not, remember that it has a great impact on their attitudes as they grow older.

Assures a future

Every parent wants their children to have a future, but not every parent knows it starts as early as three years old to ensure it. As soon as they are able, you should be ready to enrol them in a primary school to start their journey of education and ensure a future for them.

In essence, a primary school pays attention to the overall development of your child. It wholeheartedly contributes to the child’s inner and outer development. Thus, being a big part of their growth, they deserve to be in a school environment that promotes positive behaviour. One of them is an IB primary school in Singapore.


Pursuing an IB Primary School Program:
Why is It for Your Child?

Schools are essentially the path for traditional learning. As your child matures and becomes a better human being, you will owe it to a good school that you choose for them.

The IB PYP in Singapore is one of the good schools that should be of your choice. It follows a framework to help provide learning experiences for ages three to 12 years old. They promise a holistic approach that encompasses academic, social, emotional, and physical needs.

To elaborate more reasons, here are some that might convince you to choose these schools:


Exposure to a variety of subjects

As early as possible, when they still have a mind like a sponge, your child should get exposed to a variety of subjects. From other languages to get active in a good physical education, your child can access them in an IB school!

You might be surprised that they can speak some words in other languages one day. It is all because they are taught by the best specialists with extensive qualifications. Soon enough, you will be encouraged to enrol them in the IB Diploma Programme or IBDP in Singapore!

Learn real-world skills

There is a reason why there is the word “international” in an IB school. Found in their curriculum is engaging students with real-world application, such as cultural understanding. Therefore, whether you are a local in Singapore or not, your child will learn intercultural skills that increase their awareness of world issues.

Yes, they can learn that at such a young age! Teachers know how to inspire new concepts to your child that makes them tangible, memorable, and relatable. It is an intricate design of the IB curriculum for PYP students in Singapore.

Small classes allow extra attention to your child

To every parent, their child is their star. Hence, they want them to get special attention when it comes to their education. The IB PYP can guarantee that! Teachers know that every student has a different learning style. Therefore, they ensure that everyone has an individualised approach!

The small classes or the ratio of one teacher to 24 students is what allows this personalised learning possible. If you want your child to always have an opportunity to participate and make the most out of their learning experience in a classroom, choose to enrol them in an IB primary school in Singapore.

Retain their curiosity

Curiosity has always been a part of learning. It is crucial to have it, especially when you grow older and find everything mundane. Well, your child will never lose their curiosity when they grow up in an environment that values it.

With a never-ending curiosity, they will aspire to bigger goals that will put them in good places. Thanks to the all-inclusive approach of teachers to curious young minds. Trust that even when they graduate from an IBDP in Singapore, they will never be scared to ask questions and develop creative solutions!

They will go to places

A student with an IB PYP education background is recognised all over the world. It has an impressive reputation that institutions worldwide remain impressed with anyone who is a product of its well-designed curriculum. Your child can be one of them.

What does this mean for them? They can get into several universities when they finish every programme in an IB school. As a parent, you will see that they will get scholarships from colleges abroad. All because you made the right choice of getting them in an IB primary school in Singapore.

Are you finally convinced that this is the curriculum you want for your child? If so, you must know that the process of getting them in a reputable IB school would not be a walk in the park. There are eligibility tests and other application procedures you need to know about but, you, especially, need to choose the right one.


How to Choose an IB School

Currently, there are about 5,400+ schools in the world where you can get one or more programmes of the IB. Being highly regarded by universities worldwide does not mean that you can enrol your child in the first IB PYP school in Singapore that you see. You should still be careful in choosing a school that caters to your child’s needs.

Here are some factors that you need to consider when you are presented with several international schools before you:


The location of the school

Making decisions about schools will be heavily influenced by area and availability. More often than not, these IB schools are situated in or near major cities because most expatriate families live there.

However, this does not cause so much worry because there is a private school bus service in Singapore schools like this to offer your child a ride to and from school. Parents find this as an advantage because they no longer have to worry about a nanny to pick them up, or you do not have to go out of your way to drive your child to and fro.

Will your child be happy?

Remember that your child will be the one attending the school. Hence, it is important that they like the institution. Do you think that your child’s personality fits the culture of the school?

What you can do to know this is to bring them with you on a campus tour. They will see the facilities and get an idea of what they will do in an IB primary school in Singapore daily. It will help speed up your decision making and you are assured that your child loves their school as well.

The quality of teachers

Even though it is regarded as a reputable school, it is difficult to tell the quality of teachers that it has. You should ask about the credentials of the teachers who will be with your child. More so, the staff turnover will tell you plenty about how the school treats their personnel.

They might have an unequal ratio for class sizes that is why the school thinks that a teacher is not good. Your child will not get as much attention that they need. Therefore, ensure that the school’s IB PYP in Singapore is still open to having more students in class.

Do they give you value for your money?

Education is an investment, but it does not mean that you get unfair pricing. You need to see how your child’s tuition fee reflects the services the school can provide. More than that, does their fee also fit with your budget?

There are miscellaneous fees, project requirements, and school events that they will ask you to pay in the middle of the school year. Therefore, you should get an extensive list of expenses from them to know where your money is being spent.

Other parents’ recommendations

If you are still unsure about the IB school that is available for your child, you should contact parents to know if they recommend the school you are eyeing on. They will know what is best and what is not, especially if they are local parents. Trust that they will give you more information than the brochure they gave you.

Ask for their recommendations. It might take one of them to help you finalise your decision. Next thing you will know, you are enrolling for the school’sIBDP in Singapore because you followed the best recommendations from fellow parents!


The Parents’ Choice:
Hillside World Academy as Your Child’s IB International School

If you have not heard, the real starting point for choosing a school has to begin with you as the parent. List down your hopes and aspirations for your children. Besides, you know them better than anyone else. From their strengths and weaknesses, you are in the best position to know what type of school will work best for them.

Hillside World Academy (HWA) is a Chinese international school in Singapore that provides a space where students learn Eastern and Western values. They practice the International Baccalaureate philosophy, which continues to uphold the global vision that every parent wants for their children. In terms of safety, they provide a private school bus service for Singapore students living considerably far from the campus to ensure that they get there on time. In terms of holistic learning, you can trust that your child will receive the best education here!

HWA offers a virtual campus tour and an online application on their website for a hassle-free admission process. Visit their website to get started on your child’s future today!