Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Do you want to ask your girlfriend for marriage? Before you have to reflect on the type of engagement ring that you will slide on your finger! Here is a guide to find a jewel that is unique to that person with whom you will share life

Choosing a ring for a woman is an exercise that is as dangerous as it is exciting. Keep in mind that the jewel of commitment that you choose and that you will place on your finger will be the one that your future wife takes the rest of her life. Maybe he has been dreaming about that ring for several years.

Forget the “codes” and look for an engagement ring of your style

Before you begin your search, understand that the ideal engagement ring does not exist.

Perfumes, dresses, jewelry: all these feminine dressings have the common characteristic that they find their beauty once the woman wears them.

A perfume that feels perfectly one will not have the same effect on another. The same goes for the rings … and this, as you will have understood, does not simplify your mission…

You’re about to marry her, so we assume you know her well.  This will help you make a list of some important points, quite easy to establish: colors that you use more often, clothing style, lifestyle…

An important question to solve, among others, is:  will you wear your ring all day or only on certain occasions?

A nurse, for example, will have the obligation to remove it during work. These little details are very important. If you find it difficult to answer these questions, do not hesitate to ask your sister, her closest friend or even her mother for advice (She is your future mother-in-law!).

Beware of excess originality. It is assumed that an engagement ring should be used, by definition, “all life.” Jean-Christophe, independent jeweler in Paris, says: “Customers want rings that look like engagement rings!” They know that it will take during different ages of life and that it must have a timeless style.

Your fiancée may have dreamed since she was a child with this ring that you are about to offer her. Therefore, she can have a very precise idea of ​​what she wants or very personal criteria. So we advise you to ask your future wife if she wants to help you or not in choosing this ring.

Some people prefer surprises, but others will be very excited (and calmer) at the idea of ​​helping in this search…

What gem for an engagement ring?

Once in the jewelry store, you can be impressed by the number of stones, colors, shapes and styles proposed. It is strongly recommended not to look for the largest stone possible but the least imperfect as much as possible, within a reasonable budget get your custom engagement ring from

If you have a stone inherited from the family but the mount does not convince you, you can have a jeweler set it in another ring or work it according to your wishes.

The diamond, safe value for an engagement ring

Symbol of purity and eternity, diamonds are the traditional stone of engagement rings, often mounted alone.

Formerly this stone was the guarantor of the harmony of the home and was reserved for the families of the nobility.

“She lowered her hand, extended it before her and skewered the ring on her ring. His eyes did not depart from the diamond. ” (A dike against the Pacific, Marguerite Dura’s).

Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other colored stones appeared later, around the 15th century, and today offer a wide variety of choice.

If the diamond has the advantage of going with all the sets, the colored stones provide perhaps more originality.

They are very subjective preferences, so your fiancé’s opinion may be desirable in this matter.

The purer the diamond, the more precious and, therefore, more expensive. Its purity must be equal to or greater than SI2 so that the tiny imperfections of the stone are not visible to the naked eye.

It is also necessary to take into account the color of the diamond: this is evaluated according to a scale from D to Z: D represents colorless diamonds (the most sought after) and the more we move towards Z the more the diamond is dyed, with “fantasy” colors or  fancy in the vocabulary of gemologists.

The colored stones: emerald, sapphire, ruby ​​…

A little less expensive than a diamond, there are other precious stones that are magnificent once assembled.

Although the ruby symbolizes love and passion, it has also been associated with power.

The emerald is synonymous with fertility and hope.  Be careful, it is also the most fragile of the stones, so it is often octagonal or rectangular to limit shocks.

The sapphire evokes fidelity and wealth.  It is currently the most commercialized stone in the world among all jewels. Perhaps aroused great interest in the commitment of Prince William of England and Princess Kate.

The prince had given Kate Middleton for his commitment an irresistible 18-carat Burmese sapphire, which belonged to Princess Diana. The more vivid the color of the sapphire, the more precious the stone.


Other stones, of course, will delight many women:  aquamarine (supposedly brings happiness), green tourmaline (alternative to the emerald, less fragile and less expensive),  citrine and its bright yellow, amethyst (which brings serenity and balance to who carries it), etc.

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If you have an artist’s soul, you can also take a sketch to a jeweler to design your personalized ring. However, we can classify most of these rings into two categories:

Solitaire: it is a ring set with a stone in the center. The most classic and usual model. Variants are found in the choice of setting, the shape of the mount, the color of the stone

Solitary accompanied:  also composed of a stone in the center, but accompanied by several small stones around that enhance the central gem.

What form of stone to choose for an engagement ring?

The round stone is valued because it allows a perfect reflection of the light, which makes it very bright. Other shapes can also be very aesthetic: pear, marquise, oval, baguette…

Choice of engagement ring metal 

Now it’s time to choose another color: metal. The White Gold is currently the metal is chosen more often. In fact, it can be easily combined with a large number of modern jewelry.

That said, be careful, your fiancé may prefer to wear yellow gold.  It is time to be attentive and pay attention to the jewelry that your beloved wears.

The platinum has the advantage of being stainless: deteriorates less than gold, but is also more expensive.

Don’t forget a fundamental point: match the wedding ring with the engagement ring! Although traditionally the two rings were each carried with one hand, today they are very often carried on the same ring finger, on the left hand.

Contrary to what we might imagine, the price differences are not huge between the different large jewelry houses. Some will prefer to go to an independent jeweler, thinking they might find better deals.

In any case, it is essential to be very vigilant when buying a ring when the distributor is not a “big name” of the jewelry store: verify that you are enrolled in a federation or association that controls the profession, such as the Goldsmith Jewelers Association and Watchmakers

Ask for a certificate of authenticity of the stone. Next, make sure that the budget includes a serious and complete after-sales service.

If you have doubts or fear of making a mistake, but still you would like to choose your beloved’s ring for yourself, you can contact a jewelry consultant. These counselors accompany the bride and groom in their ring project and help them in their market research by offering them a personalized selection.