Things to Bear in Mind When Picking a Seller to Buy Countertops 

A countertop defines the entire personality of a kitchen. Which means that choosing a countertop isn’t something that you should take lightly. While most of you might know that granite, marble, and quartz are the 3 countertop materials that you cannot go wrong with, not many know how to find genuine sellers of these materials. 

Trust us when we say this, a countertop is only as good as a seller is. Since the market of sellers is huge, it’s overwhelming when you are responsible to pick the right sellers. Hence, we have made this guide. It will take you through the most important things that you should bear in mind while choosing a seller so that you end up buying from the right people. 

Look at the Variety 

Genuine sellers import materials from all over the world. Needless to say, the variety that they offer can make you dizzy with desire. Granite au Sommet for example is one of the leading sellers of marble, granite, and quartz (both Caesarstone and Silestone). But the variety doesn’t stop here. They are also the leading sellers of materials like Dekton, Soapstone, and Ceramic. 

Focus on How Easy it is to Contact Them 

Every reputable seller wants to be available for their customers 24X7. Which is why they ensure that they’re present on the web. So, the first thing to ensure is that the sellers have their website. Next comes the ease of contacting them. 

The showrooms of elite sellers are open for their customers. However, with trust comes responsibility. Considering how dangerous the COVID situation is, responsible sellers like Granite au Sommet have started the process of scheduling an appointment to visit their showroom. It is done to make sure that the clients don’t have to face any problems. 

Explore the Services they Offer 

Here’s the thing about responsible sellers – they do not abandon their customers. That is why they offer the below-listed services that not every seller can.

  1. They seal the granite they sell on their own to make sure that it’s done to perfection. 
  2. They send their in-house team to assist you in taking the right dimensions so that the countertops properly fit. 
  3. To begin with, the variety they offer is already versatile and unique. Yet, if you have something very specific in mind, they are always happy to customize it for you.
  4. They offer installation services as well. 

In a nutshell, if the sellers you’re choosing are everything that we have listed above, you and your house and money are in safe hands.