The Great Things About Durian and Why You Should Try It

Did you know that eating fruits is a very effective way to boost your immune system and improve your health? You would be reducing the risk of diseases as you get older. Consuming fruits can reduce any risks there are to developing heart problems and even cancer and diabetes.

It is because fruits are naturally healthy, containing different vitamins that people need. They have nutritional values that would, later on, be developed into medicines and multivitamins. So, there are antioxidants such as lemons, anti-inflammatory ones such as strawberries, ones rich in vitamins C such as oranges, and ones that are rich in fibre such as grapefruits. However, what if we tell you there is one fruit that has every nutritional vitamin you need?

Yes, there is, it is also known as the King of Fruits. Let us introduce you to the fruit durian. If you probably have not heard durian in Singapore, this article would delve into the things you need to know about the famous king of fruits, durian.

The King of Fruits, Durian

Durian is quite a unique fruit. It is kind of smelly, but it is undeniably nutritious. It is very popular in the southern parts of the continent of Asia. However, it has a bit of a bad rap because of its strong smell. There are a few kinds of durian, but in Singapore, one of the best ones to get is a Maoh Shan Wan or MSW durian. The fruit has a flesh colour, commonly between white or yellow, but some are red and green.

The fruit typically grows in tropical countries or regions such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It can reach up to one foot long and six inches in width. Regular durian fruit can reach about two cups of yummy and edible fruit pulps.

Although it resembles a jackfruit in a way, you would know when you have durian in front of you. See, unlike jackfruit’s spikes, the spikes of durian are thinner, longer, and sharper. Keep this in mind, and you would not confuse the two ever again.

Maximising the king of fruits

Did you know that the king of fruits can also be used in cooking dishes and meals? Since its fruit flesh and seeds are edible, you can use them for sweet and savoury dishes. Some people describe the flavour of durian as that of cheese, garlic, almonds, and even caramel altogether. 

The king of fruits can also be used as a traditional medicine because of its medicinal elements. It is one of the most nutritious fruits for containing the following: calories, fats, carbs, fibre, protein, vitamin C, thiamine, manganese, vitamin B6, potassium, riboflavin, copper, folate, magnesium, and niacin in one serving. Who would even expect this? Order durian online now.

Durian has got more than everything someone would need to stay healthy. The profile of the king of fruits proves it to be very healthy for everyone regardless of age or personal needs. To add to that, the king of fruits has the following healthy plant substance: carotenoids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, all of which serve as antioxidants for the human body. Helping people cleanse and quicken their metabolism.

See why durian is the king of fruits now?

Furthermore, even the non-edible parts of durian can be used for medicine. Its leaves, roots, and even husk can all be used to treat illnesses such as fever and skin conditions. However, the real deal is that durian can reduce the risk of cancer for everyone. The antioxidants durian have can neutralize the cancer cells in a human’s body. It has been proven that durian nutrients had already prevented a spread of breast cancer cells getting worse.

The king of fruits also protects people from heart diseases, durian helps in lowering your cholesterol levels along with the risk of blocked arteries. It also helps the human body to fight off infection as it contains antibacterial compounds. Lastly, the king of fruits can lower your blood sugar if you are diabetic. It has a lower glycemic index than other fruits that are rich in glucose that may increase your blood sugar levels.

A few pointers to remember

The king of fruits does not have all of these nutrients without any catch. Durian could be harmful when you take in with alcohol. See, eating durian while consuming alcohol can be quite problematic. Studies claim that the nutritional compounds of durian may hinder bodily enzymes from breaking down the alcohol you intake which could then increase your alcohol level. It is like when a person allergic to alcohol consumes too much alcohol, his body would not be able to break down the alcohol and could cause hives, difficulty in breathing, and even death. In simpler terms, durian could make you allergic to alcohol when you take it alongside each other.

Why you should eat more fruits in general

There is a reason why fruits were here even before humans learned that they could eat meat. In theory, fruits are naturally nutritious because they are supposed to be the food supplement for all humans. Since the pandemic began, all everyone could do is follow the quarantine protocols, stay clean, and stay healthy. People then became curious about fruits and vegetables, where in fact, everyone should be eating fruits because it is what human bodies’ need. Not to mention that it is organic, and there would not be any side effects should be fond of eating durian in Singaporeevery day. You would be healthier than you could ever imagine. Durian is amazingly nutritious because it has vitamin B, C, minerals, and good fats and fibre. The only downside is its strong smell, but do not let that stop you, just like do not let an unhealthy lifestyle stop you from eating more fruits.

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