The Brief History of Bandung Indonesia

Bandung town is the advance of this evolution in Bandung town not just supported by excellent infrastructure, but also from the area of education, tourism, and even the region of fashion. For many of both the local and global tourists, Bandung is an attractive location that should be the list of places to visit. Nevertheless, Bandung did not instantly develop till might be as beautiful as now. Underneath the magnificent town, Bandung grows up through a gorgeous horrible history. Here’s the history of Bandung you need to see.

The word Bandung comes in the phrase bendung or dam because of the CitarumRiver covered by the lava of Mount TangkubanPerahu. Then it formed a lake. The legend told from the older people in Bandung, stated that the title Bandung, obtained out of a water car consisting of two ships that were tied side by side called the Bandung Boat used from the Regent Bandung, R.A. Wiranatakusumah II. It was used to sail Ci Tarum in search of a brand new neighborhood to replace the old capital of Dayeuhkolot. Bandung throughout the Dutch Colonialism. Initially Bandung regency capitalized in Krapyak which is situated about 11 kilometers to the south by the middle of Bandung now.

Once the sixth bupati led the district of Bandung, RA Wiranatakusumah II who known as DalemKaum I, the energy of Indonesia was moved to the Dutch government, together with the first general governor was Herman Willem Daendels. To readily carry out its responsibilities at Jave, Daendels built a post road from Anyer from West Java into Panarukan from East Java. The construction of the highway was carried out from the regional people of Indonesian under the leadership of the individual district heads — movement in the funding of Bandung district funding.

Daendels didn’t understand that long before the correspondence came out, the regent of Bandung had planned to move the metropolitan area of Bandung. He’d found a good enough and strategic spot for the central authorities. The favorite place is an empty field of the forest, located on the western border of the Cikapundung River, the southern border of Jalan Raya Pos being constructed. The main reason for the elimination of funding is the untenable Krapyak as the capital of this authorities because it’s situated on the southern side of Bandung region and frequently hit by flooding when the rainy season.

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