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Shylock is the third combination movie of director Ajai Vasudev and Mammootty in Malayalam.

Shylock’s story is stuffed with mass audience needy elements like story and Mega hero.

Shylock is the South Indian movie with good action by Megastar Mammootty. His action sequences make your eyes glued to the screen. You will not leave your seat while watching the Shylock film. You can watch the Shylock movie online in HD quality on aha movies OTT.

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The movie ‘Shylock’ is directed by Ajai Vasudev under the production of Joby George. The movie consists of action and comedy to entertain the audience.

Coming to the movie Mammootty acted in the lead role, and he is a money lender where he gives money for the people who are in need of filmmaking. But he is ruthless if anyone doesn’t give money back. Prathap Varma, who is a popular film director, cheats Devan by not giving his money back. To know what the actual story is, watch the movie online at Aha for the best streaming of the movie.

Cast and Crew

Actor: Mammootty

Actress: Arthana Binu

Other characters: Meena, Rajkiran, Ajay Vasudev

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Release date: 23rd January 2020

Artists performances

No need to tell more about Mammootty action. He is the mega actor in Malayalam, and with his full-length presence, with his action sequences, he made this film into the 2020 top mass entertainer movie in South India.

Rajkiran and Meena played other lead roles. You can mesmerize with their natural action scenes.

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Technical Aspects

Director Ajai Vasudev, this time, came with a different story to give the best movie to the audience for his combination.

The music director has composed songs neatly, and the director directed visualization very well.

In addition to Mammooty action sequences and his dialogues delivery, Ranadive’s cinematography visualizations, Music director Gopi Sundar’s tunes, can relax the audience.


  1. The movie ‘Shylock’ has the best story consisting of action aspects as well as entertainment.
  1. The story and character of Mammooty have clearly shown how the money lenders are behaving with the people in case of unable to repay the borrowed money.
  1. You can enjoy the best music tunes that are composed by the music director Gopi Sundar.

Bottom Line

‘Shylock’ is the best entertainer in 2020. Megastar Mammooty with his on-screen presence and action sequences made this Shylock movie a must watchable along with your family members. Aha OTT is currently streaming this Shylock movie in HD quality. It’s the best pick to watch the movie online at Aha.

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Megastar Mammootty’s energetic on-screen presence, mass dialogues, Rajkiran and Meena action scenes, Gopi Sundar’s tunes, Ranadive’s cinematography visualizations are the main reasons to add this film for your weekend watchlist.

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