Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cannabis Pharmacy Supplier in Nevada     


Nevada’s hemp sector has come a long way since it began as R&D efforts under the 2014 Farm Bill, the Nevada Senate Bill 305, and the Senate Bill 396. While in 2017, there were hardly 25 growers, now the state boasts certified 207 registered growers.

But when you wish to engage a supplier of hemp derivatives to manufacture medical products for your pharmacy, you need to find an expert. A reputed cannabis pharmacy supplier nevada, a large-scale global producer of high-quality hemp products, offers them at competitive prices. Here are some leading questions you should ask before choosing the best cannabis pharmacy supplier in Nevada.

Is the Supplier Legally Licensed to Manufacture and Supply Hemp Derivatives?

Top suppliers in Nevada possess licenses for Non-psychoactive Low THC Cultivation, Manufacture of Hemp Derivatives, and Seed Use.

Ask your supplier if they are a fully licensed global supplier of high-quality hemp derivatives required for manufacturing CPGs and OTC products for pharmacies. Ensure they have work with native communities and agricultural co-operatives to sell them the raw material for refining into hemp-based products.

Confirming that your hemp got lawfully sourced from a properly licensed manufacturer ensures your pharmacy can avoid a host of legal violations.

What are the Supplier’s Production Capabilities?

It is essential to ask the supplier about their hemp production acreage and confirm whether they can reliably deliver to meet your pharmacy needs.

Top specialists in Nevada ensure high capacity with over a million raw plant capacity. Some own nearly 30 acres and have over 100 acres under exclusive contract, which is quite substantial for the highly regulated nature of the hemp industry.

What Kind of Testing Procedure Does the Supplier Use?

In Nevada, under Chapter 8.60-Medical Cannabis Establishments, Medical Cannabis Independent Testing Laboratory has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 678A.190. One of the outcomes of the test is the determination of the concentration of THC and cannabidiol.

A reliable cannabis pharmacy supplier in Nevada will ensure their products are pharmaceutical grade lab tested certified. Confirm, their products get tested for permitted THC and CBD levels, safety, and potency. It will ensure the end products you sell at your pharmacy do not have any traces of solvents that can expose your customers to potential health risks.

What Are the Products the Supplier Offers?

While hemp-derived CBD products, such as oil, are legal in Nevada, you may feature various items in your pharmacy, from creams, gummies to capsules.

But to have these end products at their highest quality, you need to confirm with your supplier about the primary products they offer. Ask if they provide varieties, including crude oil, distillate, and isolate, typically required to produce hemp-based items. 

Check their extraction and refinement facility for advanced machinery. Some use solvent ethanol-based extraction for faster and efficient processing at higher capacity with minimal wastage.

Consult A Reputed Supplier

Nevada voted for legalizing medical cannabis in 2000, with the first medical dispensary opening in 2015. Since then, things have gone further with full cannabis legalization approved with Ballot Question 2 in 2016.

If you wish to make the most out of Nevada’s thriving cannabis market for its medical prospects, reach out to a reliable supplier of hemp products. Rest assured, your pharmacy will become a top-rated and trusted name in the local community.