Questions about a Combi Oven Answered

Private home dining chefs in Singapore are gaining attraction in the country for over a couple of years. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it has been on-demand. These home cooks and professionals have been going out of their way to prepare meals for people who are lucky enough to get a reservation. If this has been an area of interest for you, buying an oven for your Singapore private home dining business would be a good investment. Of course, there are plenty of things you must consider first. One search about the best one would not be enough. Ovens are an investment, after all, so you must read or hear expert opinions about the best model or unit to buy. 

In this article, we have compiled all the frequently asked questions about combi ovens and answered them for your convenience. Let this serve as your guide into making a final decision about what model and which store to buy your combi oven from.

What is a combi oven?

First and foremost, you must know what a combi oven does. Restaurant industry’s experts and professionals are still new to the technology of the combination oven or combi oven. It first emerged 15 years ago when it was introduced as a combination steam and convection oven. With its advanced technology, it uses three methods of cooking: convection, steam, and a combination of both. Soon enough, it has been a talk among hotels and popular restaurants. 

What does it do?

In the word itself, commercial combination ovens blend convection cooking, steaming, and the combination of both in one single appliance. This statement alone could attract anyone who owns any size of the restaurant or commercial kitchen. In its convection mode, the oven will circulate the dry heat, which is what is usually done for pastries and bread. Its steaming mode will inject water into the oven to poach any fish, cook rice, and steam vegetables. The last function, and what chefs think the most genius method among what it can do, is the combination mode. Here, the oven will use both dry heat and steam to maintain the exact humidity level to cook food that is in its proper moisture. It does not shrink or burn. Instead, it will allow your food to retain its natural texture and flavours. 

Is it better than a convection oven?

More often than not, combi ovens and convection ovens in Singapore get compared. Salespeople must get tired in explaining their differences so many times. To save them from the same question they receive from every customer, you must know that these two ovens differ in different ways. Hence, it would be impossible to answer which one is better because it will depend on what business you plan to run. A convection oven only uses a fan and exhaust system to spread hot air across cooking surfaces. It is used for baking, broiling, and roasting. As mentioned above, combi ovens can do these too, but they can do more than these three methods. Thus, if you plan to start a patisserie or a bakery, a convection oven is what you should get instead. 

What are its advantages?

Any equipment that you buy for your business is an investment, including the combi oven that you want to buy. It is good to ensure that you will get more than you paid for, and it would help increase your productivity to cater to your growing number of customers.

The advantages of using a combi oven for your business are:

  • Space saver

Since your combi oven can do what a steamer and convection oven all in one, you would not need two more equipment in your space. You would have more room to move around, which speeds up your preparation time! 

  • Versatility

With a combi oven, you could expand your menu from cooking meat to baking pastries! It would attract customers since they may crave different dishes. Even with that, you could serve them whichever dish that they picked. You could even lower the temperature settings of your combi oven so that you could serve dishes that need to be slow-cooked.

  • Preserve flavours and nutrients

Plenty of people are going health-conscious, especially in the new year. Thus, they get picky about how their food is cooked. They avoid instant recipes as much as possible, so it would be unacceptable to say that you cook with a microwave. Assure them that the cooking method of a combi oven can preserve the flavour and nutrients they can get with one healthy dish, such as poached fish!

How often do I clean it?

Most interested buyers of combi ovens in Singapore prefer ones that have a self-cleaning feature. Understandably, you would prefer these too because maintenance is vital to extend the life of your equipment. If you buy a model that has a self-cleaning method, it would still require you to clean it every six months. It is better than having to clean it yourself every month or after use. Nonetheless, you should not worry about the performance of their self-cleaning feature because it is equipped with the best and safe cleaning solutions built by its manufacturers. To ensure that you will know how to activate its self-cleaning feature, ask your supplier to know what to do. 

Buying a combi oven from Simplex

Based on the news reports about the danger of the new COVID-19 variant, it looks like the world will go back to lockdown. Thus, business owners are thinking of ways on how they can stay afloat during the next few days and months. As a business owner, let this be a time for you to think about buying a combi oven in Singapore to keep a steady profit by delivering your delicacies to your customers! Trust that the combi ovens from Simplex will meet the standard of combi ovens you are looking for.

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