People Moving to Singapore: Why Should You Relocate There in 2021?

Whether it is to further their career progression, expand current knowledge and skill set, or extend network connections, many people are willing to leave their homeland. According to a recent analysis of HSBC’s Expat Explorer in 2015, which has surveyed over 21,000 ex-pats all over the world, 67% of those said that Singapore provided them with a better way of life!

Immigrating to another country has always been an option for everyone, but only a few can be qualified to be a resident, especially in the most expensive city in the world—Singapore. Anyone who desires to relocate there will need a Singapore immigration agency to accomplish the process. The service is a small price to pay for a dream to come true.

If you are curious about what makes Singapore at the top list of the popular cities for ex-pats, let this article unfold information about what makes the city an enticing place to call your new home. Since you are already here, you might as well find out what the process will be like when you decide to relocate to Asia’s business epicentre this 2021!


Why Should You Relocate in Singapore this 2021?

It is difficult to turn your back to the place you grew up. But, as they say, you will only start growing when you leave your comfort zone. Most of the time, it is a place where they have not been before. 

Several high-profile investors have been putting their money in the technology hub, such as Singapore. It further proves that it is a good place for businesses because many international corporations are establishing and operating in the same country. Therefore, take advantage of the myriad of opportunities it offers, and get overseas relocation services from Singapore immigration agencies today! 

Here are some reasons why you should consider it:


Improve the quality of life

People have different definitions of a good life. For some, having a roof over their head is enough as it is. However, for others, they want to be in an environment that can feed their soul. From idyllic urban spaces to numerous art spaces, Singapore is an ideal place for many people who want to live their life best. 

If you want to have children, you can ensure them a good life in the Southeast Asian land. You will be thankful for the access to leading international schools and top-notch healthcare facilities. It, definitely, is a place that you can call a good home!

Business opportunities

Undeniably, many people have approached professionals to get a Permanent Resident or PR application of an agency to get into Singapore for its business opportunities. As an aspiring business owner, you can trust to find highly educated and motivated employees to work for you. More than that, moving or expanding your business is a simple process!

Singapore has a regulatory framework that enables people to start a business in the country within a couple of days. They value individuals with far-reaching ambitions. You will be able to establish your business easier than getting started in other destinations. It is all thanks to their international trade links, pro-business tax structure, investor schemes, and robust economy!

For employees, getting a work permit is a breeze! Despite having high-quality professionals in their current workforce, Singapore is still in need of foreign talent. Why? Their population is only at five million. It is not enough to cater to the growing and demanding businesses in the tech industry.

Therefore, you will have a high chance of getting accepted as long as you complete the Singapore PR application online. It will only take a few days or months for the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to grant you permission to start or continue your career in the techno hub of Asia!

Low criminal rates

It is well-known that Singapore is the country that has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. There are official reports that can prove that! According to the Economist Intelligence Unit 2019 Safe Cities Index, the country is in second place in the list of the world’s safest cities in the world.

How do they do it? They implemented severe penalties for minor crimes in the city-state. Yes, what other countries think of as petty crime, Singapore unapologetically establishes strict penalties for it. Under the protection of the Singapore Police Force, residents have always felt safe and sound. Thus, when you are walking at night in the streets, you will likely feel no fear!

Outstanding education system

Children are the future. Therefore, it is everyone’s responsibility to equip them with what they need to survive it. With 20% of government spending going directly into education, students aspiring to get quality education are within their reach. Getting the assistance of a Singapore immigration agency will also assure you that you will get access to top-notch education from international schools situated in the country.

For both domestic and international students, the government provides grants that cut education costs by up to 50%! It is a significant help that will ensure that your child can have a bright future. Whether they want to attend a university abroad or a local one in Singapore, trust that they have higher chances of getting accepted to their dream school among other applicants!

Experience a multicultural society

Singapore is one of the nations home to a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and religions. Even with far-reaching differences, people in the country remain harmonious, and they are proud of it!

Currently, Singapore’s resident ethnic makeup predominantly comprises Chinese, Malay, and Indian communities. Thus, when you enter a PR application agency in Singapore, you will see different ethnicities hoping to be part of this multicultural society. 

These ethnicities have languages of their own, but they are not isolated from the locals or divided by them. Citizens have found a middle ground when communicating with each other, and it is a local lingo called Singlish. It has become one of the main languages they use with friends, family, and co-workers!

Impeccable healthcare system

Do you believe that health is wealth? Many people believe that as long as you are healthy and free from sickness, you are rich. Why so? You will have more years in your life to gain experiences, which is the essence of having a life. Singapore believes it too. Their healthcare system ranks among the best in the world!

Government-owned hospitals provide free basic care for Singaporean citizens. They enjoy universal healthcare that allows them to access it with ease. However, it is only exclusive to permanent residents and citizens. Expatriates will need to register for a Singapore PR application online to acquire basic health insurances provided by the government and their employers.

Despite this complicated system, it does not take away the fact that the people in Singapore have an average life expectancy of 83.9 years. It is significantly higher compared to many countries in the world. It is all thanks to the accessibility of healthcare services!

With these reasons being said, it is obvious that Singapore is an attractive country where you can spend the rest of your life. Yes, life is short, so you should make every effort to make it meaningful. It may start by finally small significant changes, such as daily exercise. But, it may also start when you decide to get overseas relocation services in Singapore!


What Will the Immigration Process Look like?

To be able to live in Singapore, you have to be a PR or a Singapore Citizen (SC). A PR is the first immigration status you will get if you want to be a citizen of the country. Being a PR, you have most of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities that citizens do. 

The question here is, how will you be a PR in Singapore?


Eligibility process

Non-Singaporeans can be a PR by obtaining an Entry Permit. Immigration consultants of a PR application agency in Singapore will help you get that permit by telling ICA that you are eligible to have it. What happens in this stage is that you are screened to determine your category for a PR application.

To be eligible for the application, you must be one of the following:

  • A spouse of an SC or a PR
  • An unmarried child aged below 21 born from a legal marriage of an SC or PR parents, or legally adopted by them
  • An aged parent of an SC
  • A Holder of an Employment Pass or SingPass
  • A student studying in Singapore
  • A foreign investor in Singapore

Despite being one of these, ICA still reminds applicants that your ties to Singaporeans, economic contributions, qualifications, among other requirements will still be a factor in the success of your PR application.

Provide the necessary documents

As you will see on your Singapore PR application online, you will need to require the necessary documents to make your application valid. These documents will vary depending on your current status and purpose of applying for a permanent residency.

It is also important to note that with these documents, you will need a sum of money to pay for the copies. ICA will require you to submit copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificates (if applicable), graduation certificates, among others that are listed in the explanatory notes or document list for your category.

Endure processing time

You are not the only person dreaming of a better life in another country, such as Singapore. Thus, the competition is a bit tight. Many applicants get rejected. While it is disheartening to be one of them, you must know that there are experts who will be willing to help you increase your chances of getting accepted by the ICA. 

The processing time of your application will seem like you are enduring years of your life, but you can erase that feeling when you get the consultancy services of a Singapore immigration agency! 



Will You Need the Help of an Immigration Agency?

They are an agency dedicated to helping aspiring Singapore PRs and Citizens in their application process. With their in-depth knowledge of the application procedure, they will know the steps to take to give you a high chance of success. 

Despite these promising services, some applicants think that their help is not necessary. Before you abandon this decision to get help from professionals, here are some reasons why you will need the help of an agency’s overseas relocation services in Singapore:


Get professional guidance

Expect to work with knowledgeable specialists in your application process. They will provide professional guidance to create a strong and error-free profile application. Their years of experience will ensure that you have all the necessary documents.

Fast application process

How is your country handling the pandemic? If not, you might want to immigrate to another country immediately. Thanks to the Singapore PR application online, you can have the chance to move to the country during these trying times.

As long as you can find a reliable agency that can manage your application process, rest assured that you will feel safer knowing that you and your family will be under the top-ranked healthcare system of Singapore. They will ensure that your application will be complete within a couple of days!

Save money

As mentioned, not every applicant can be accepted in their PR application. You have spent money on your first application, but you can expect to spend another set of your earnings to appeal for your application. 

With a Singapore immigration agency, you can trust that you will have higher chances of success in your first application and that you will no longer spend more because you may never have to appeal after!



Getting the Services of Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy

You may have your reasons for thinking about immigrating to Singapore. Whether you only discovered it now after reading this article, or it has been a dream that you tucked in to focus on your current priorities, you deserve to live a good life in one of the remarkable countries in Asia!

At Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy (SPIC), you will get extensive and comprehensive immigration services. They have a dedicated staff with years of experience in the ins and outs of the immigration process in the country. Therefore, trust that they can work with you in completing a strong PR application that will put you at an advantage.

To know more about their overseas relocation services in Singapore, you should get in touch with them on their website today!