Online entertainment business continues increase in popularity across 2020

2020 has seen a remarkable increase for the online entertainment business in so many different areas. One of the key reasons behind this is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in lockdowns being enforced around the world. With this being the case, it has meant that online entertainment has been on the rise in many different areas.

The first to mentioned has to be with movie and TV streaming services. A key example of this is with Netflix, which is now the biggest provider within this sector. They saw a remarkable growth in Q1, which was the period of the first lockdowns enforced. It saw them add an extra 15 million subscribers, which was more than double what they had predicted prior the year. The growth then continued into Q2 and they then added a further 2.2 million subscribers in Q3. This has also continued into Q4 and resulted in an incredibly successful year for Netflix, despite them being less positive about the future and expect a lot of cancellations once this period of COVID is over. That could certainly be the case but there is no doubt the increase in popularity for their platform in 2020.


Another key area for online entertainment has to be with the online gaming sector. One area of this is with online casinos, such as those listed here. These are a select list of no verification casinos and this is a list that has seen major growth, due to the ease of accessibility that they provide. Online casinos and other gaming services such as poker and slots have been seeing a real increase of players. The early period of the year saw sport postponed and cancelled, which further added to this. However, the trend continued into the latter period of 2020 and these have been a go-to for so many people, due to them providing such a popular means of online entertainment. That is something that is now set to continue into 2021, with the industry also continuing to evolve.

Other areas of gaming have also been seeing similar success and growth. Console gaming for example has seen a further surge in numbers and this is widely due to the recent release of the next generation consoles. These coming from Xbox and PlayStation, which have broken records for sales and are predicted to take the industry to the next level. These on top of other PC gaming and mobile gaming has seen a real surge in numbers in 2020 and helped with the overall rise for online entertainment.