Numerous Questions You Can Ask About Wedding Rings

The choice of wedding rings is a really important decision, because they should last a lifetime and symbolize your love. But that also makes the decision difficult. Which material is best? What do Wedding Rings cost? When should you take care of it?

When it comes to choosing wedding rings, nothing should be rushed. You make this decision for the rest of your life. So firstly the ring should be able to withstand a lot and secondly you will still like it in 30 years. Therefore, inform yourself extensively and only then make a decision so that you do not regret buying the ring.

Wedding Rings: Their History And Meaning

Wedding rings existed since ancient times. At that time, however, only the woman wore a ring and the ring was less a symbol of love than of possession. Back then it was iron rings that were supposed to show that a woman belonged to a man.

Around 850 AD the wedding ring also had an ecclesiastical meaning. Even back then, wedding rings symbolized constancy through their round shape, since the ring has no end and no beginning. So infinity is symbolized here. Exactly this infinity should also apply to the love between the two partners. Since the 13th century, the exchange of rings has been part of the church wedding and serves as a seal of marriage before God.

As weddings for love became more and more common, bridal couples also chose two identical wedding rings more and more. They serve as a symbol of mutual attachment and love. Many of the symbols from the past have remained the same. Even today, wedding rings symbolize through the never ending shape of the circle, the eternal flow of love and permanence. Rings also fulfill the medieval purpose of showing that you are married and that you belong to someone. However, today we are no longer concerned with property, but with mutual solidarity and loyalty.

The wedding rings in the wedding ceremony

In the case of a church wedding, the ring exchange usually takes place immediately after saying yes. Often there will be a blessing of the rings and the bride and groom afterwards. The blessing of the rings usually happens before you put them on. Couples who marry in a civil registry office also exchange rings. The exchange of the wedding rings also follows the yes word and seals this symbolically, just like at a church wedding.

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When should you buy the wedding rings?

Normally, the wedding rings can be ordered quite quickly and will then be delivered within one to two weeks, but one should not forget that something can go wrong. The jeweler cannot have any capacity right now. The rings can have the wrong design, the wrong size or even the wrong material and then in case of doubt you have to order again. If the wedding ceremony is now only a few days away, it could happen that you no longer get your desired rings in time. At least it gets nerve-wracking.

In addition, the one to two week delivery time often does not apply if you have special requests and special and unusual rings. Then it may take a little longer. So order your wedding rings two months in advance to be on the safe side. If you have a favorite jeweler, for example the one who already bought the engagement ring, you can also call a few months in advance and ask them exactly how much lead time they need.

How much do wedding rings cost?

When it comes to wedding rings, the cost is as different as the tastes. That means: the higher the quality of the materials and the more extravagant the wishes, the more expensive the rings will be. The price range for wedding rings is usually between 200 and 2,000 dollars.

Simple rings made of stainless steel or silver are available for less than 200 dollars, and brilliance is already included on the women’s ring. However, you should note that silver is a very soft material and the ring will therefore be scratched quite quickly – after all, it is in use every day. If the ring is to last a lifetime just like marriage, you should rather use high-quality materials such as gold, palladium, steel or platinum. Ever more popular: women like to wear their marriage and engagement rings together.

If you want a stone on the ring, this can also drive up the costs. But it doesn’t have to be. Synthetic stones are cheaper than diamonds and there are price differences for real gemstones depending on their size and purity.

What is the best material for wedding rings?

Since the wedding rings should also last a lifetime, there are a number of things to consider with the material for the wedding rings. In any case, it should be robust. Wedding rings are worn every day and many people do not remove them even when showering, cleaning, washing, or doing other everyday tasks that can attack both stones and metals.

Platinum has proven particularly useful for wedding rings. It is extremely resistant, does not lose its white color and does not stain. In addition, platinum is a very pure material and is therefore absolutely skin-friendly and also suitable for allergy sufferers. However, platinum is also very precious and therefore has a proud price.

Yellow gold is the classic among wedding rings. Because gold is very soft in its original form, it is mixed with harder metals. Yellow gold results from a fusion of gold, silver and copper. The common gold alloys 333, 375, 585, 750, 990 and 999 results from the different mergers. Alloy 333 indicates, for example, that one third of the ring consists of gold. The higher the alloy, the higher the gold content is. Ultimately, it is a question of the budget, which alloy you choose, because a higher proportion of gold also drives up costs.

You might think that the higher the gold content, the softer and therefore more susceptible to scratches, the ring. However, it is not quite that simple. For example, if you choose a 333 gold alloy, you have the disadvantage that the ring is not as durable. Less gold means that the ring loses its color tarnishes or even becomes brittle.