When someone is arrested, it is no doubt a stressful situation for the whole family, especially the little ones. The children do not comprehend why their loving parent is taken away from them. To them, their parents can do no wrong. When the whole family is in a crisis mode, people often forget about the kids, trying to focus on the bigger problem at hand. The children do not get to express their feelings in words; therefore, they must be given tender care and loving support during this hour of crisis. Continue reading this article to find out more on how to deal with kids when their parent is arrested with a criminal charge.

Come up with the truth: When a child is over five years old, he or she has already developed a general sense of society and how it functions. The child knows that jail where the bad guys go. Now, others cannot protect him from the truth for long, as sooner or later, he is going to find out. It is better if the news does not come from some other source, as getting the information from a friend or a complete stranger can be deeply humiliating. The parent should communicate in clear terms what his father or mother is going through. When the children are treated with honesty and respect, they respond to situations far better compared to when they accidentally find out stuff they weren’t supposed to.

Listen to what they have to say: A child might have so many questions inside his little head, all waiting to jump out. He does not trust anyone now; he feels his safety blanket is gone. The child is scared and wants to hold onto someone he can trust. When the kid calms down a bit, let him speak whatever is in his mind. He must be wondering, where did the police take his mommy or papa? When will they leave him? Is his mom/dad alright? All these questions are valid and need proper responses. The goal is to create a healthy and trusting space where the child can open up with his questions only to find comforting answers.

Getting back to the child: When a parent is arrested, he can’t stop thinking about his child for one moment. He is desperate to get out of jail and get back to his child. After the defendant is produced in the courtroom for a bail hearing, the judge sets a bail amount. The defendant must post the amount in order to get out of jail. But posting the bail might not be a cakewalk for many.

  • A defendant, unable to pay the sum may readily contact a local bail service to post the bail on his behalf. In California, numerous bail services provide the accused with a fast bail service. One in Huntington Beach can look for Huntington Beach bail bonds for a hassle-free bail service.
  • Before hiring a bail service, one must make sure that the firm is properly licensed. The accused might require someone else to co-sign the bail contract to get bail. Most bail services in California only take around 10% as a bail fee.

Once the defendant is out and reunited with his child, he must console and comfort the child telling him everything will be alright. The child deserves to be told the truth in a way that provides him with a sense of security without scaring him.