How To Crack A Govt/Bank Exam In The First Attempt?

For every banking aspirant, cracking a bank exam in the very first attempt is a dream come true. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that for achieving this feat, it takes a lot of time, effort and sweat of an applicant. In this article, we shall look into a few steps on how to accomplish the dream of clearing any Government exam or Bank exams like SBI exams or IBPS exams in the first attempt. 

Given below are some useful tips and strategies to follow for achieving the above mentioned remarkable feat in the first go:

  1. Design a detailed study plan: For an aspirant, the first task is to create a well-structured study plan which is in alignment with the exam pattern and the different sections of the respective exam. Candidates should ensure that they need to focus on those areas which require more attention and mandatorily cover those important topics from which questions have been asked in the prior years.
  2. Get acquainted with the exam pattern: It is imperative for candidates to have a clear idea of the different sections of the exam and be aware of the exam pattern, duration of each section and the section-wise allotment of questions and marks. For instance, SBI exams like the SBI Clerk exam has two phases of examination – Prelims and Mains. Applicants who clear the Prelims exam are eligible to move to the next level, i.e. Mains exam.
  3. Be thorough with the exam syllabus: Once a candidate is aware of the exam pattern, it is advisable for him/her to know the various topics of different sections of the exam thoroughly. As per the SBI bank exam pattern, certain sections are common for both Prelims and Mains exam. However, the level or type of questions might differ between the two exams.
  4. Brush up the basics: As an aspirant for Government exams or Bank exams, it is always better to start with the basics. This will help an aspirant not to get stuck in the middle or get demotivated during preparation. However, brushing up the basic concepts would also help in setting out an allocated time for learning new concepts from each section and understanding the theory behind every concept.
  5. Practice diligently and refer prior years question papers: After completing each section, candidates should try to solve practise questions from each section to revise and understand how well they have grasped each topic of a particular section. The more they practise, the better they can become. Taking mock tests occasionally can also help in analysing the status of their exam preparation.
  6. Inculcate the habit of reading regularly: Reading English newspapers, journals and magazines on a regular basis can help candidates to answer General Awareness section questions and enhance their English Language skills too. Candidates should pay heed to various day-to-day domains like social, economic, financial and cultural pieces of writing in newspapers. They should also try to note down important words which they can use during the exam per the requirement.


As millions of candidates appear for Bank/Government exams every year, it is important to note that they should prepare for the exam in such a way that they are able to crack the exam in the first attempt. We hope the tips mentioned above help you to gear up your preparation and ace the exam with flying colours. For more such valuable content, you can check BYJU’S Bank Exams pages and learn more.


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