How Has Technology Changed Us? 

When one thinks of technology, it is easy to see how it might be intimately linked with humans. This is because it can be considered to be a measure of our achievement as all of human history can be measured according to what kind of technology we had at the time. A commonly held belief in the 20th century was that everything that could have been invented already was, but one only must look at the sheer invention from the previous century to realise that this wasn’t true. The same can be said now – although it might seem like we are as advanced as we can be, there is always the potential to go that one step further.

Looking at how technology has progressed is interesting as it shows us how we have changed too. This is because of technology affecting our lives in such a way that they change to become reliant on it. A good example of this is the invention of the car. Before this, private transport was limited to things like horses and horse-drawn carriages. However, the car promised a world where people could go wherever they want, whenever they like, especially when Henry Ford made the car accessible to many.

There is also the advent of the internet, probably the one thing that has changed our lives for good. To think of a world without the internet now is probably an imagination best left to dystopian books. The internet brings us many things such as online gambling. This is an industry that has benefited greatly from the internet and players can visit for many other options if they want to see how far the industry has come.

Time was that if people wanted to watch a movie, they had to either search for an old example in their DVD library or go to the local cinema to watch the newest release. As technology progressed and cloud-based services started to rise though, streaming was born. Most people will know of streaming because of massively popular services such as Netflix and Prime Video, though the applications of streaming extend further than that. Streaming video games is a very real possibility today and one must only try out PlayStation Now or Google Stadia to see which way the video game industry is heading.

In the same way, it is clear to see that movies and television are also heading towards a streaming future. People love services that provide this so much because it offers them more convenience than alternatives. Who wants to go to the cinema when people can stay on the sofa, log in to Netflix, and watch a film from the comfort of the home? It is clear that streaming is an activity that is loved all over the world, and it looks set to take over the entertainment industry that encompasses gaming, movies and television. The same takeover has already been seen when it comes to the music industry, and one can expect the same for those other sources of entertainment.