How A Corporate Event Planner Should Coordinate With The Caterer

The event planning should also go hand-in-hand with every aspect of a wedding. And, yes, that includes the wedding catering.

Catering isn’t simply just providing food for the guests at your wedding. The food you serve at your wedding should fit well with the theme and the overall feel of your reception. There are also details, big and small, that could go not well with your program — and these are things your event planner should look into and anticipate before the big day.

So if you’re looking into catering Arlington VA services for your wedding, take note of how your event planner should coordinate with them.

Menu planning

The first your event planner should go into when organizing your wedding is the menu.

This may simple but your menu will dictate a lot of other aspects in your wedding — from the crew involved during the actual event to the equipment needed in the kitchen, among other things.

But at the onset, the event planner has to coordinate with your caterer regarding the menu because there are aspects of your menu that can clash with reception. For instance: Are you doing a plated dinner or a buffet dinner? If it’s a plated dinner, how many courses? These details will affect the interiors of your wedding venue, something the planner has to know. What will the servers at the wedding wear? This is something the planner should coordinate with the caterer as well, to make sure that the servers won’t wear anything that could clash with the colors and themes of the wedding reception.

The logistics of the event

The planner should also be aware of the logistics of the caterer in order to make adjustments and changes in the venue and program of the wedding.

For instance, if your wedding will be serving plated dinners, this would entail hiring more servers and waiters. The event planner will be in charge of where the servers will wait or stay before the dinner and how their service should go about once dinner starts. Will the servers be using the same utilities as the guest? Where will the serves eat their dinners — and when?

The caterer and planner should both be aware of the logistics of the event.

If the dinner will be a buffet, the planner has to fix the interiors of the reception to make the flow of people at the buffet line efficient and uncluttered. Who will go in line at the buffet first, for instance, and how?

There are technical and logistical elements of a wedding dinner that catering Arlington VA companies should look into before, hence the need to work together with the planner.

Solving sudden problems

Lastly, the planner must be aware of the logistics of the wedding caterer to help solve problems that suddenly arise during the event itself. Of course, a good planner and caterer should work in such a way that these problems don’t happen in the first place — but a lot of these issues can come with no warning. For instance, what happens when the caterer suddenly runs out of food? What if the buffet line becomes too long with people?

A good planner should be able to work together with catering Arlington VA companies to solve these problems.

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