Here’s What You Should Consider When Buying an Industrial Panel PC
Unlike your typical consumer-grade products, an industrial panel pc allows its user to operate it 24/7 in harsh environments without experiencing any issues. This benefit ensures companies maintain productivity. Read this article to learn about these four considerations you need to make when buying this equipment.

Operating System

There are two primary operating systems companies generally choose; Windows and Linux. While there are other brands like Android, they have the most compatible applications. Therefore, assess the software you intend to use to determine if you need a Windows or Linux industrial panel PC. This choice is one of the first things to consider when determining which equipment is best for the company.

Work Environment

Generally speaking, a typical embedded industrial pc would receive exposure to various environmental factors such as extreme temperature, dust, humidity, and vibration. Being resistant to them is vital in ensuring your equipment continues functioning at a hundred per cent capacity. For example, you can purchase a fanless industrial pc that is capable of working in dusty environments.


Aside from its resistance to environmental hazards, user experience is another crucial factor when buying an industrial panel pc. Some factors that determine how comfortable they are to use include screen size, resolution, and ratio. Aside from them, you may also want to check various touch screen options depending on the work environment.

Technical Services

Like every product, such as a CXP camera, you would need a reliable company to offer technical support when something goes wrong with your industrial panel PC. Although they are resistant to plenty of environmental hazards, you never know when you might need replacement parts. Therefore, you should look for a reputable brand when purchasing equipment. Voltrium Systems is an official distributor of machine vision components since 2000. If you’re looking for a pc or industrial camera, visit their website for more information.