Healthy Options To Add To Au Gratin Potatoes

Au gratin Potatoes is an amazing side dish that everyone should enjoy; it goes well with pork tenderloin, pan-roasted steak, roast beef, pork chops, and several others. It can be eaten on a special occasion and leaves a satisfying experience. However, people on a diet or watching their weight might find it hard to enjoy au gratin potatoes when they think of the cream and cheese it contains.

You might want to replace an ingredient due to your health concerns or because you’re trying to stay in line with a diet. Luckily, there are substitutes you can add to au gratin potatoes to make it even healthier. As a side dish, you can simply add a green salad to this creamy dish to make it a healthier option for you.

For those trying to keep up with a keto diet, you can choose to substitute the potatoes out with cauliflower because of their fiber-rich nature and a low carb option. For those looking to stay clear of glute, check to make sure the cheese you purchase does not include any wheat starch or food starch, which is made from wheat that has been modified.

If you’re looking to replace the cheese, a healthier option for your au gratin potatoes will be almond milk or coconut cream. If you’re a vegan and you’re looking for a way to make au gratin potatoes more vegan and wholesome, you can make use of cauliflower cheese sauce to substitute the original cheese added.

Using cauliflower cheese sauce, your already nutrient-rich au gratin potatoes become enriched with vitamin C, fiber-rich, and several other antioxidants. If you also love to add bacon to your side dish, you can replace it with mushrooms to make the dish more vegan

You can choose other healthy options to add to au gratin potatoes are onions sliced into rings, dry mustard, low-fat milk in place of cheese, all-purpose flour, peeled garlic, and cheddar cheese with reduced-fat. These ingredients make this yummy side dish healthier and reduce the fat, which comes with the cream and cheese.

Final Thoughts

There shouldn’t be a reason for you to miss out on this delicious dish because you don’t think it is healthy enough. You can add several healthy options to tweak this dish if you want a vegan meal, gluten-free, or you want to modify it into your keto diet. With au gratin potatoes, you can mix it up, and your dish will still be as sumptuous as ever.