Dental Insurance: What’s Usually Covered And What’s Not

If you have dental benefits, then you should definitely be aware of what’s included in the fine print. The harsh truth is that about 77% of Americans have dental benefits yet they are not aware of what it covers and what it doesn’t cover.

With this in mind, read on as we discuss everything there is to know about dental insurance.

Dental Insurance vs. Dental Benefits

Oftentimes, people tend to confuse the two. When you shop for insurance, you see the benefits, but this isn’t the insurance. An insurance plan is meant to absorb any unexpected risks. On another note, a benefits plan covers things from a full perspective. Although, there are times when it only covers certain dental aspects partially and others not at all. A benefits plan is meant to be very helpful, but not in all aspects. If you have any questions as to what your insurance or benefit plan covers, go and ask your Aetna dentist.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us proceed to the nitty-gritty. Here are some important points you can expect from your Aetna dentist:

When it comes to dental insurance, it typically covers issues that pertain to the gums or teeth. It can also include other preventative care measures, such as your annual dental cleanings.

Do note that not all dental procedures are covered. Oftentimes, cosmetic dental procedures, such as crowns or whitening, are not included.

The majority of dental insurances often have a waiting period from 6 to 12 months.

Does dental insurance cover cosmetic procedures?

Stemming from our previous point, cosmetic dental procedures are often not included. Just to make things clear, these procedures include tooth shaping, teeth whitening, veneers, and gum contouring, and others with the goal of improving the aesthetic look of your teeth.

What about yearly maximums?

It is also important to ask your Aetna dentist about any yearly “out of the pocket” maximums. Oftentimes, the majority of dental policies actually cap the amount of annual coverage. This would range from $750 to over $2,000 every year. Basically, what you need to remember is that the higher the monthly premium, the higher will be the yearly maximum.

All of these may be quite confusing, especially if you have not tried shopping for dental insurance before. Nevertheless, this is why your dentist is there to guide you. Thus, on your next visit, be sure to ask them (or yourself) these questions:

Are dental instruments follow the proper sterilization process?

What are the staff wearing? Do they have masks, gloves, and even the appropriate eyewear?

Is your medical history reviewed thoroughly? Do they ask you about any of your current health problems?

Do they take their time in cleaning your teeth?

Does the dental office present a professional atmosphere?

Are there any financial arrangements outlined before they proceed with the dental treatment?

These are some of the factors that you should be aware of when trying to decide on a good dentist because it can also affect your decision when shopping for dental insurance.

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