Debunking the Myths of Pole Dancing

Fear is often the excuse of a lot of people when they are faced with a new challenge. While it could be a handy emotion to feel when you are in a presence of danger, threat, or harm, it is often baseless. If you let it overwhelm you, you are allowing it to dictate your actions, which you should always have full control over. However, if you fight it, you would be amazed at how far your potential could take you! Fighting it should be your response when you feel like it would eat you alive if you sign up for a class in a pole dance studio in Singapore. The future-you would be thankful for overcoming the fear to start this exotic dance!

Myths are what fear creates. People will believe false statements about things only to use it as an excuse to avoid them. Since pole dancing could be challenging, people have created myths about it so that they could discourage people from doing it because they can’t do it themselves. Thus, you shouldn’t believe what they said. To help refresh your view about pole dance, here are some debunked myths about it!

Myth: Pole Dance is Only for Strippers

The topmost myth about pole dancers is that they are all strippers. In recent history, people have only seen poles in bars and strip clubs, which is maybe why they think this way. However, one must know that the world is constantly changing.

Truth: Pole Dance Can be For Everyone

Pole dancing was not originally performed to be anything sexual. Looking back, pole dance dates back to the 12th century in India and was originally performed by mostly men, not women. Although pole dance does not have a lengthy history, it is still apparent that it has grown into something that they are not supposed to be. Thus, it must be made clear to you and to other people that you can be a pole dancer regardless of your occupation.

If you search “exotic dance studio near me,” you will see a lot of studios that offer pole dance classes because the practice of this has migrated all over the world, including Singapore! People also hold competitions in pole dancing that there might even be a chance that it could become an Olympic sport. Thus, it could be said that pole dancing is not just for strippers.

Myth: You Need to Lose Weight First

A lot of people might think that to carry yourself up a pole like how pole dancers do, you would have to lose a lot of weight first. In a way it makes sense, but it is only them underestimating the strength they could gain from pole dancing.

Truth: You Can Do Pole Dance to Lose Weight

Pole dance helps people lose weight. Yes, you do not need to lose weight to “carry” yourself up the pole. If this is the reason why you are holding back from attending a pole dance practice, then you must be getting to that studio right now! Professionals will tell you that you could do beginner moves, such as the forward hook spin, just like any other pole dancer in the world. By letting them help you integrate strength building, drills, and other exercises to gain you that strength, you would be surprised at how far you can reach or carry your body in a pole!

Myth: You Could Replace it as Your Workout

Since you must have been convinced that it would take beginner classes from a pole dance instructor to help you lose weight, you might have thought that you drop your gym membership card. Well, you are doing the wrong thing.

Truth: You Shouldn’t Treat Pole Dance as a Workout

While you want to have a fun workout session than running on a treadmill or lifting weights, it is not recommended that you treat pole dance practice as your overall workout alone. Your body still needs that strength building that you get from lifting weights and doing squats. What you can do is treat pole dance as a secondary workout! Of course, you cannot wear the same loose, baggy clothing or long leggings that you’ve used in the gym. They would slip you off the pole.

In pole dance, you will want your knees, calves, and ankles to hold tension with the pole. They will help you have better grip and control when you are in the air. You should invest in shorts, tank tops, and sports bras for when you want to get pole dance classes.

Myth: You Could Learn It on Your Own

With the easy access to information that the internet gives any person who has a phone or a laptop, you could learn anything that you want to learn, including pole dancing. The accidents that you will encounter are part of the process, so you don’t have to worry about that. If this is something that you have heard from a friend, then we are sorry to say that they are not your friend.

Truth: You Must Only Let a Professional Pole Dancer Teach You

If you think that your budget would not fit into the expenses from an exotic dance studio, then you must save money before trying out pole dance. The instructors that you will meet in a beginner’s pole dance class are trained to teach non-professional dancers the right way to dance with a pole. They have fitness backgrounds, and even knowledge of anatomy, to know about the dos and don’ts of pole dancing. Trust that they will guide you better than the pre-recorded lesson you will see on the internet!

At Breathe Dance Company, you will meet pole dance instructors who have teaching experience to suit your learning style. They have professional licenses so that you are assured that they are legitimate dancers and know all the safety techniques for a beginner like you!

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