Best Software to Spy on Windows Operating System

Are you looking for the best windows monitoring software? The technological advancement has enabled us to sneak into a computer device without physical access. There are different software that allows monitoring and controlling a personal computer remotely. However, the selection ofsuitablesoftware is really important. There are a few monitoring solutions that fail to provide needed outcome and cost hefty amounts. To help you get the best software to spy on windows personal computers we have reviewed the most popular tracking software.Read on to know which one is found to be the best windows spy software.

TheOneSpy – Windows Tracker

There are scores of monitoring solutions rightly available for windows computers. However, TheOneSpyaka TOS is one of the most efficient and trustworthy PC tracking software. It offers a wide range of features letting users to supervise digital activities of someone else. The software is designed for overseeing digital behavior of child and employees with an aim to prevent them from wrongdoings and unproductive acts.It keeps parents and employers updated about their concerned persons’ online and offline computer activities. Also, it provides access to specific data saved on targeted Windows device.

Core Features of Software

Once you install the software on the targeted Windows PC, you can supervise the use of that device via web portal of TOS. Also, you can send command to the targeted computer via online control panel of the software. The surveillance solution performs all functions with confidentiality and efficiency without alerting the target or hindering device functions. We have discussed here core features of the software that help understanding the functionality of the tracker.

Live Screen Recording

The real-time computer activities of children and employees can be captured with the help of live screen recording feature of Windows spy software. The end-user can detect what the target is doing, watching or searching on the monitored computer device. It does not matter the activitiesare performed online or offline. As you send command to the targeted device via online control panel, the device starts capturing screen in form of short video. You can retrieve these recordings via web portal of TOS.


The Windows spy software also offers screenshots to capture real-time digital activities of the target. On receiving command for screenshots, the targeted device starts capturing screen with a certain gap. These screenshots can be retrieved from the web portal of the surveillance software.

Track Browsing History

The employers can track and evaluate internet usage of employees to find out what websites they visit during duty hours. The employee surveillance solution gets access to the internet browsing history of targeted Windows computer. It includes browsing history and bookmarks of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


The software records keystrokes applied to the targeted computer device. These keystrokes also contain passwords, usernames, email addresses and chats. The end-user can retrieve these keystrokes right from the online portal.

Read Emails

Email monitoring is important to restrict workers from mishandling of company data. Also, it helps to combat phishing and scam emails.Employers can read emails received and transmitted by their workers via Gmail.

Find GPS Location

The spy software lets you spy on pc and find out the GPS location of the targeted computer device. It helps in finding out lost devices. By logging into the online control panel, you can see the current GPS location of the personal computer. Also, you can see locations your target covered with the monitored laptop.

Web Filtering

The surveillance software for Windows computers allows managing internet usage of children and employees. If you find your concerned one visiting unwanted websites on their personal computers, you can block their access to that website with the help of spy software. It allows blocking access to websites by URLs, category or keywords.

Surround Monitoring

The high-tech tracking solution for Windows computers allows operating camera and microphone of targeted desktop or laptop computer. It lets you watch out and record the surrounding scenes and voices.

Compatibility & Pricing

The computer tracker software of TOS is compatible with all desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS 7, 8 and 10. The one-month subscription of the software costs around $40. This price is subject to change from time to time.