A Comparison of 925 Silver

We wear clothing, buy items, to express ourselves and our personality. What you own can define you. What you wear describes your class and personality. But these aren’t the only things that can describe a person. Jewelry is and has always been a determining factor for people’s personality and worth. And they can represent a variety of different factors, not just yourself. When you think of the most valuable items in your house, what do you usually think of? You might think of personal items, like a favorite toy, or expensive ones, like fine china or equipment. Jewelry may be one of the few possessions you own that can have both real and personal value. They make up a noticeable part of your tangible wealth, while also having personal meaning to you.

For this reason, it’s easy to see why someone would want to buy jewelry. There’s a range of reasons why anyone would consider wanting to buy. Their intended purpose is to serve as beautiful accessories for the wearer. They’re meant to last a long time and become more valuable over time. People who purchase them also do so with the mindset of passing them on to favored relatives or children, acting as perfect heirlooms. And some of them are rare and hard to find, so they’re coveted possessions on the market that are rarely anything but expensive. Many people keep jewelry and sell it later so they can reap the rewards of a handsome profit by playing their cards right.

Buying jewelry

The definition of jewelry is quite general, not all necessarily high value. Some jewelry can be made out of cheaper material, but are still classified as jewelry. But if you want something that lasts, you get one of higher quality. There are many kinds of high-class jewelry. Some can be made of rare materials like amber or pearls, others precious stones like jade or ruby, and yet others made of rare metal like platinum, gold, and silver.

Let’s take a look at silver and its many forms in jewelry.

Why silver is used in jewelry

Silver is one of the most popular metals used for high-class jewelry. It’s a very adaptable metal that serves many aesthetic purposes, with a beautiful and mesmerizing luster. This shiny metal is elegant and can be paired with many different outfits, as well as be shaped into all sorts of items. In fact, it’s so popular that people get cheaper alternatives that replicate it, like silver coated jewelry.

Possibly the most exquisite type of silver that is used for jewelry is 925 silver. People like buying 925 silver rings, bands, bracelets, and other such accessories because of a number of different factors. What is 925 silver?

A short intro to 925 silver

We have had problems with pure silver for a long time. It’s been known for ages that pure silver, while coveted, is a very soft metal that is not ideal for items that experience repeated use or wear, like jewelry. For it to be strong and durable enough to be shaped into accessories, silver must be strengthened with another, stronger metal to counteract its malleability.

Of course, this just means that the purer the silver content is, the more valuable it becomes. You can find a lot of cheaper silver jewelry made of a silver alloy that’s less pure but more affordable. 925 silver, on the other hand, is a very special, high-grade type of silver.. It’s so special because of the purity of the silver content.  If you own any silver jewelry, you may already have 925 silver necklaces, rings, and other items. That’s because 925 silver goes by another name: sterling silver!

Sterling silver can be distinguished with a marking denoting “925” or “sterling” (or a few variations or abbreviations of those two). They’re so-called because 25 silver is 92.5 percent pure silver, and 7.5 percent other metals like copper, zinc and nickel. Some may even be of higher or lower quality, though: in France, it has to be around 95 percent and in China, sterling can be as low as 80 percent.

Sterling silver comparison

How does sterling silver stack up compared to other precious metals used in jewelry? Let’s see all the reasons why they’re so great.

  • Beautiful appearance. Similar to other precious metals, it has a shimmery luster that catches the eye. It’s not dull at all, and compared to gold or platinum it shines brighter.
  • Pure silver may be soft and malleable, but silver alloys? They’re very tough and scratch-resistant. Perfect for longevity in your jewelry.
  • Lightweight and beautiful. Compared to gold, sterling silver is considerably more lightweight. It isn’t a chore to wear silver jewelry.
  • More affordable. Compared to lower quality silver or other jewelry not made of precious metals, sterling silver isn’t cheap, but compared to other precious metals, it might actually be cheaper.

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