5 Tips for Using YouTube on Mac

Youtube has changed the way that we receive information and view the world. From funny cat videos to informative news and information, everything can be found on Youtube. 

If you use Youtube on Mac devices, these must-know tips will keep you enjoying your videos in high-quality with little disruption. 

  1. Increase Speed for Youtube on Mac

If you are always asking yourself “why is Youtube so slow?” it may be time to try some quick fixes. Checking your internet connection is a good first step. If however, your connection is working at peak efficiency, you may need to try some other options.

Try disconnecting some devices from your internet to speed up the Mac you are viewing Youtube on. Since net neutrality was rescinded a few years ago, data throttling can occur when too many devices are streaming from one connection.

Enabling an adblocker is a viable option to decrease buffering times and lag. They also make your experience much more enjoyable. They are available on many browsers such as Firefox

You can also try turning down the quality level on Youtube videos. Youtube allows you to stream videos in various qualities. Turning it down from HD to a lesser quality may increase your speed.

  1. Check Your Date and Time Settings

If you can’t get Youtube to work at all on your Mac, chances are that your date and time settings may be out of synch. Youtube will not work on your computer if your date and time are wrong.

This is a very easy fix. All you need to do is go into the computer’s System Preferences and select Date and Time. From there you can choose to set the time manually or automatically.

Once you have configured your settings, close the window and check to see if Youtube is now working. This is one of the most common reasons why Youtube refuses to work on a Mac device.

  1. Update Your Operating System

Making sure that your Mac has the most up-to-date operating system is critical to keeping Youtube working at its full capacity. Click on your computer’s “About This Mac” section under the Apple icon to see what operating system you have installed.

You can research online to see if it is the most up-to-date O.S. compatible with your computer. You can also select the “Software Update” menu (also under the Apple icon) to see if you are missing any software updates.

Keeping the operating system and software updated on your computer is an excellent way to ensure seamless compatibility with Youtube. Having all of your software up-to-date will also improve buffering and connection speeds.

At a certain point, Youtube will stop working altogether on your computer if you fall too far behind on your software updates, or are running too outdated of an operating system. Stay on top of it, and don’t neglect these critical updates.

  1. Download Videos for Later

Your internet connection is intermittent, buffering times take too long, or you want to have something for the kids to watch on a long road trip. You may want to consider downloading some videos for offline viewing later.

There are many programs online that allow you to download videos directly from Youtube and store them on your Mac’s hard-drive for viewing offline. The disclaimer is that some of these programs have the potential to be used illegally.

Make sure to check and see if the video you wish to download is copyrighted. Only open-source, public domain videos can be legally downloaded unless you have the permission of the copyrighter. 

Try Googling for some Youtube video download programs. If you find one that works for you, this may help solve any internet connectivity or playback issues you have with Youtube. 

Many programs also allow you to convert the audio from a Youtube video into audio files such as MP3’s that can be downloaded directly onto your device. Once again, this has the potential to be a legal gray zone. 

Make sure to use these programs in a legal manner if you decide to give them a go. Abide by all copyright laws and only download public domain videos, or those that you have the permission to store on your local device. 

  1. Enjoy Some Youtube Easter Eggs

The creators of Youtube have included a plethora of Easter Eggs for you to enjoy. In the tech world, an “Easter Egg” is an unexpected hidden feature included in a program as a joke or a bonus.

There are many of these little hidden gems found throughout the Youtube platform. Some change the text formatting or how videos are displayed. Others give you specific themes such as “Star-Trek” or “My Little Pony”.

New Easter Eggs are being discovered every day by users. Try checking some of them out in order to kill time or provide some much-needed entertainment. Most of these Easter Eggs are Mac compatible.

Who knows, you may even discover the next big Easter Egg by getting creative about what you type into the search bar. If you do, make sure to share your discovery with others and spread the joy!

While these may not be the best thing for enhancing your productivity, chances are if you are spending time on Youtube, you’re looking for a bit of recreational activity anyway. Easter Eggs can be a great way to change things up a bit.

Youtube and Macs Are a Great Pair

Whether you are using it for business or pleasure, Youtube on Mac is a great thing to have. Making sure that it runs well and operates up to its full potential is important in enhancing your viewing experience. 

By using these 5 tips you can make sure that your Youtube experience is top quality and fun with no technical difficulties. For all of your other tech information make sure to check out the rest of our blog!