5 Project Management Tips Every New Manager Needs to Know

Project management is not the sole preserve of project managers. In many ways, it can’t be. There’s a gap between the need for project managers and the available number of them.

As a new manager, you can take on some of the project manager role yourself. This will give you unique insights into how your team works. That puts you in a great position to get the best out of the people you need to manage.

How? Read on for the five project management tips every new manager should know.

  1. People Skills Are a Must

You’ll need a host of skills beyond their abilities when managing projects. People skills can sometimes be overlooked in favor of the skills you need for specific projects.

While these project-based skills are important, you aren’t working on projects alone. You need to get the best out of your team. Then you need to liaise with the stakeholders.

Figure out what your strengths are in managing people. Do you delegate work based on your team members’ strengths? Or do you pair workers up so their strengths and weaknesses complement each other?

Once your team starts performing well, it becomes much easier to manage the project.

  1. Use Project Management Tools from Day One

People are crucial, yes. Yet you still need your project management know-how to bring the project together.

This is another area where you don’t need to do things alone. You can bring in project management software to make the project run more smoothly.

These tools give you a single place to store documents, files, and other important information. It makes it easy to share files, collaborate with others, and communicate with your team.

Consider a tool like PRINCE2 Agile. It can help you combine project management with Agile functionality.

  1. Create Deliverables to Keep Projects on Track

Deliverables act as metrics so that you can see what you need to do. Create your deliverables at the start of the project with the stakeholders.

This means they know what to expect and when. You can use them to keep your team on track. They also mean you can prioritize tasks and thus manage your time effectively.

  1. Be Flexible

Adaptability is another key skill you’ll need. You’ll need to be able to learn new skills fast since every project has its own challenges.

You have an advantage as a new manager because you’re not yet stuck in your ways. Embrace new ideas and try out different approaches. Innovation only happens when people use existing solutions in new ways.

  1. Learn From Others

If you’re in a company with established managers, watch how they work. Learn from their approaches to teamwork and study their techniques.

Better yet, study dedicated project managers. You’ll learn a lot about managing budgets and projects.

If you can, seek a mentor. They won’t be able to do the job for you. Yet it helps to have someone you can ask for advice.

Which Project Management Tips Will You Try First?

Hopefully, you can see the common theme in these project management tips. Flexibility, good people skills, and being open to learning are critical.

Add solid project management tools to the mix and you have a recipe for success.

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